Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: She does not have to carry this pot

“So, from now on, clean out your mouth for me.  If I hear you insult her one more time, I will not be as polite as today.”  Mo Chuan said with an expressionless face.

Chu Shao Yang felt his chest, back, and legs turn cold.  With a gust of wind, he suddenly felt very cold.

Lowering his head, he was immediately shocked.

He saw that there was a large chunk of his clothes missing on his chest, revealing his light, brown skin.  He also felt a chill come from his back, so it must mean that the clothes on his back was also sliced up by Mo Chuan.

What was the most embarrassing thing to him was that his two thighs were completely revealed.  

This was the mercy that Mo Chuan showed by only cutting off the leg parts of his pants.  If he attacked his belt,  his butt would have been revealed in front of everyone.

Chu Shao Yang really wanted to find a hole to hide in.

It was a good thing Chen Bi Yun was clever.  She quickly took off the cloak she had and placed it on Chu Shao Yang, helping him avoid shaming himself in front of everyone.

Chu Shao Yang finally let out a sigh of relief.  The embarrassment on his face disappeared as he shot a grateful look at Chen Bi Yun.

Just this one point from Yun’er was something that a cheap woman like Chen Ning could never compare to!

After sparring with Mo Chuan, he knew that if they were to really fight, his martial arts were far below the level his opponent had.

A man knew when to give up.  Even though he would suppress his anger, he would remember this debt.

For a gentleman’s revenge, even ten years wasn’t too late!

“Chen Ning, you are jealous of Yun’er, so you had the horse attack her, trying to take Yun’er’s life.  Not only did this king see it, everyone else here has seen it.  If this matter was reported to the emperor, you would suffer the death penalty!  The most poisonous thing in this world is the female heart.  I never thought that you would be so vicious.  Yun’er is carrying this king’s child and you can still be this ruthless, causing her to almost lose her life.  This king is telling you, this matter will not end like this!”

Chu Shao Yang had suffered a large loss at Mo Chuan’s hands and no longer dared to provoke him.  So, he could only point his spear at Chen Ning.

Chen Bi Yun weakly took two steps forward.  Then with tears streaming down her face, she clutched her stomach and said, “Elder sister, your little sister doesn’t know how she has offended you, but how could you be this cruel to your little sister?  Even if his highness spoils your little sister which angers elder sister, but this unborn child is innocent……”

The two of them were both condemning Chen Ning because she was trying to kill someone with a horse out of jealousy.

Chen Ning couldn’t help wanting to laugh.

Her eyes fell onto the dead blue and white porcelain horse not far to the side.  The horse was already dead, so there was no evidence even if she said anything.

If the horse didn’t react even after she pulled on the reins, even she would have thought that she did it on purpose.

But she was certain that this matter was not just an accident, but it was rather a very well planned out conspiracy!

She would not have to carry this black pot!

“Bi Yun, you are my blood related little sister and I love you very much, how could I possibly wish to hurt you and the child in your belly?  You think that elder sister is a heartless person?  This matter is clearly someone trying to harm me, using a borrowed knife to kill someone, taking care of both of us!  This person is very ruthless and has hidden intentions.  Your highness, little sister, this matter is related to me, so just give me three days time.  In three days, I will find this person and hand them over to your highness and little sister.”

Chen Ning could admit that white lotus’ acting was good, but her’s wasn’t bad either.

These words immediately stopped everyone chatting around them.

Chu Shao Yang gave a cold laugh and said, “Chen Ning, isn’t that person you?”

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