Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: The cold and proud man

This change had happened so fast that no one had time to react.

The horse grooms were all on the other side of the track, they would not make it in time to save Chen Bi Yun.

They could only watch Chen Bi Yun get stomped on by the horse……

In an instant, Chu Shao Yang’s horse had caught up and he jumped off the back of the horse, grabbing Chen Bi Yun in his embrace.  At the same time, he launched out with a full force palm that hit the stomach of the blue and white porcelain horse.

The force of his palm was enough to send the several hundred pound horse and Chen Ning sitting on its back flying back.

The blue and white porcelain horse shattered like a rock from this one palm.  Its organs shattered, but it did not die as it gave a pitiful cry which was very sad and sharp.

Chen Ning was sent flying high in the air from the horse’s back and she slammed into the ground.

If she really fell to the ground here, she would have broken her ribs.  Even if she did not die, half her body would still be broken.

Chu Shao Yang was the only person that knew martial arts and the only person that could save her.

However, Chu Shao Yang was tightly hugging the shaking Chen Bi Yun.  His eyes were cold and ruthless as he watched Chen Ning fly through the air with a look of hate.  His feet were rooted to the ground as he watched her fall in the air.

Chen Ning looked at the blue sky and white clouds above her with a bitter smile on her face.

Was she going to die like this?

If she died, would she go back to her original world?

She closed her eyes, letting the wind whistle past her ears and letting her body fall to the ground.

She thought that she would be shattered to pieces, however, nothing happened!

Her body suddenly stopped falling as she landed into a strong and hard chest.  There was someone that used their body to catch her and to stop her from falling.

That person rolled several times while holding her, eliminating the momentum before standing up while protecting her.

Chen Ning slowly opened her eyes.

“Xiao Hei, it’s you?”  She said in a soft voice.

The person that had saved her was Mo Chuan who had disappeared last night.

There was blood flowing from the corner of his mouth and he revealed a pained expression.  Apparently the strength of her fall was strong enough that even his strong internal strength was not enough to stop him from being hurt.

But he did not hesitate to catch her, using his own body to bear the majority of the power behind the fall!

“Xiao Hei, you…..Why did you do this…..”  Chen Ning’s throat felt like it was blocked by something.  She could only say half of what she wanted to say before she couldn’t say anymore.

Last time he had also saved her from the back of a horse, but this time was different.

This time, he had basically used his own life to save her life!

She looked at him in a daze.  Her eyes started to mist over and she couldn’t see his appearance clearly anymore.

Without knowing when, her eyes began to fill with tears.

She could not tell what this feeling was.  She could only tightly bite her lips and let the tears flow down.

In fact, he did not owe her anything, but she continued to owe him more and more, but she had never returned anything.

Although he had saved her twice, but she did not feel a large amount of gratitude towards him.  Instead she was wary of him in her heart and even brought him back to become her bodyguard.  She had only been selfish.

He had no need to save her, but he still did it without any hesitation.  He had no reason to appear, but he still appeared when she needed him the most.


Chen Ning could not understand this.

To her, he was an unsolved mystery that she could not see through.

She knew that if she did ask him, he would not answer.  This was a cold and proud man!

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