Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 229

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Chapter 229: Solemn oath

“Do you like getting hurt?”  Mo Chuan lowered his head.  His black eyes were like ink that could not be dissolved as he looked at her.

Seeing the tears fill her eyes, he could not help gently knitting his brows as he asked, “Did you get hurt earlier?  I’m sorry I came late and couldn’t save you ahead of time.  Don’t be afraid, from now on, as long as I’m here, I will not let anyone touch a single hair from you!”

After he finished speaking, his back straightened like a pine tree that would not fall.  It stretched its branches to protect her from the wind and rain, protecting her from all the dangers that came for her.

Every word he spoke was a solemn oath!

Chen Ning’s heart felt warm and the tears in her eyes almost flowed out.

But she still curled her lips and revealed a faint smile at Mo Chuan.  Her lips gently parted to say, “Thank you.”

What she owed him could not be repaid with just these words.

But she was not anxious.  She would keep the kindness he showed her in her heart.

Mo Chuan did not let her go.  She was still in his arms, feeling as gentle as a cloud, it was almost like he felt nothing.  He had no plans on putting her down at all.

The people on the horse track were all suddenly stunned and no one made a sound.  Everyone just stared with wide open eyes at Mo Chuan and Chen Ning.

Where did this black clothed man come from?

He really was courageous!

He dared to hug the princess consort like this in front of so many people, even daring to do it in front of his highness?

Was he tired of living?  Or was the princess consort tired of living?

Chu Shao Yang slowly stood up and placed Chen Bi Yun onto the ground.  His expressionless face looked at Mo Chuan and Chen Ning.  His cold gaze was so strong that it could almost penetrate through Mo Chuan and Chen Ning’s bodies.

Chen Bi Yun rubbed her eyes as she watched this scene with disbelief.

She was so shocked that her chin fell.

How was this possible!

Chen Ning was about to die, so where did this man come from and why did he save her!

But then, she couldn’t help but want to break out in laughter.

Chen Ning, ah Chen Ning, you really are seeking death.  Daring to get so close to another man in front of his highness, what is this other than seeking death!

If his highness allows you to see the sun rise tomorrow, then he would not be the famed cold and ruthless King Ding Yuan, Chu Shao Yang!

She looked to her side and saw that this was the case.  She saw the veins on Chu Shao Yang’s forehead popping out and his eyes sending out fire as if he wanted to kill someone.

Chen Ning, ah Chen Ning, you’re dead!

Chen Bi Yun gently pulled on Chu Shao Yang’s sleeve and cautiously asked, “Your highness, who is that man hugging elder sister?  Is that one of your guards?  Ya, what are they doing in broad daylight?  Why is elder sister letting that man hug her?”

Her words were like oil added to the fire, making Chu Shao Yang instantly explode.

“Shut up!”  He shouted at Chen Bi Yun like an angry lion.

Chen Bi Yun closed her mouth in fright.  Her face was pale, but she was feeling very good deep down.

Chu Shao Yang looked back over at Chen Ning lying in Mo Chuan’s embrace.  He did not look at Mo Chuan at all, clearly treating him as a dead man already.

Because the black clothes that Mo Chuan was wearing was like the guard uniform of his palace.

“Bastard.  Put down this king’s princess and this king will leave you an intact corpse.”

Chu Shao Yang’s body released a terrifying cold aura filled with anger.  Step by step, he walked over to Mo Chuan.

His hands clenched into fists and the sounds of bone cracking could be heard.  It was clear that he was already completely enraged.

If it wasn’t because he was still holding Chen Ning, Chu Shao Yang would have sent a palm over and turned this man to a meat patty already.

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