Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 227

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Chapter 227: A sudden change

Neither of them paid any attention to Chen Bi Yun, even Chu Shao Yang forgot that she was still on the horse track.

He had been completely shocked at how quick Chen Ning was at learning things.

If he hadn’t personally seen the way she was riding the horse yesterday, he would have thought that she was playing a trick on him.

He had never seen anyone achieve the skill Chen Ning had the second time they rode a horse.  It was if she was one with the horse, completely understanding one another.

“You learn really quick.”  Chu Shao Yang tilted his head as he stared at Chen Ning.  This time, he did not look away from her face that was painted like actors.

It was very strange that even though her face looked very strange, he was slowly accepting it.

“Thank you for your praise.”  Chen Ning’s eyebrows raised as she revealed a smile.  The feeling of riding a horse felt very satisfying to her and she felt that he didn’t look as bad as usual, “Your teaching is quite good.”

“But if you think you can win against this king in the big hunt, then you’re dreaming.”  Chu Shao Yang raised his chin and arrogantly side, “But winning on the day of the hunt will not just rely on riding skills alone.  Even if your riding skills are good, you will still lose without a doubt.”

“Your highness, you shouldn’t act so satisfied just yet, otherwise it will hurt more later on.  It isn’t certain who will win on that day just yet!”

Chen Ning smiled as she raised the horse whip and slapping it onto the horse’s butt.  The blue and white porcelain horse gave a whinny and charged forward, leaving Chu Shao Yang’s horse behind.

“That date red horse will belong to this princess!”  The wind transferred her clear voice and her laughter filled with ambition.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes narrowed.  Seeing the heroic figure she casted while riding the horse, he could not help revealing a smile.  

Suddenly, the smile on his face froze and a cold sharp glow appeared in his eyes.  His legs tapped the horse’s stomach and the jade flower horse shot out like lightning, chasing after Chen Ning.

“Chen Ning, you cheap woman!  Stop right now for me!  Stop!  Stop your horse now!  If you dare hurt a single hair on Yun’er’s head, this king will want your life!”

Chu Shao Yang’s loud shout was deafening.  It was like thunder ringing out on a sunny day, creating a large sound.

Everyone on the horse track was stunned.

They saw Chen Ning’s horse dashing forward, running right at Chen Bi Yun sitting under the shade.

Chen Bi Yun and Lan Xiang were stunned from their fright, freezing like they were made of wood.

“Freeze!  Stop!”

Chen Ning desperately pulled on the horse’s reins, but the blue and white porcelain horse did not react, rather it just ran faster.

Its four hooves raised as dust was kicked up.  Its target was Chen Bi Yun like it had a grudge with Chen Bi Yun and it wanted to hit her.

“Your highness, save me!”  Chen Bi Yun’s face turned pale as she began to shake.

The blue and white porcelain horse was very fast and appeared in front of her in the blink of an eye, giving her no chance to dodge at all.  Everyone just saw the blue and white porcelain horse stand up, raising its hooves high up, trying to step down on Chen Bi Yun.

Chen Ning’s heart almost jumped out as she desperately pulled on the horse’s reins.  She just stared at Chen Bi Yun about to be stomped on by the blue and white porcelain horse with no way of stopping it!

Her mind was completely filled with chaos, not understanding just what was happening right now.

Why did the well mannered blue and white porcelain horse suddenly go crazy?  Why did it stubbornly choose to charge right at Chen Bi Yun?

In everyone’s opinions, this was all done by her on purpose.  This was an attempted murder coming from the jealousy she felt in her heart towards Chen Bi Yun, wanting to make it look like an accident!

There were no exceptions on this!

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