Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 221

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Chapter 221: Divorcing a wife and divorcing a husband


The horse groom loudly praised, trying to flatter his highness.

“Good my ass!”

Chen Ning criticized in her stomach, but she still revealed a smile on her face.

“Your highness, your movement was too fast and I couldn’t see it at all.  Could I trouble you to do it again?”


Chu Shao Yang dismounted the horse.  Using both hands to hold the saddle, he said, “The first time you mount a horse, you can hold on to the saddle and mount like this.”

He mounted the horse once again, but this time his posture was even more beautiful compared to the last time.

“It’s still too fast and I didn’t see it clearly.  Can you do it a little slower?”


Chu Shao Yang narrowed his eyes and looked at her as he impatiently said, “Why are you so dumb!”

Even though he said this, he still dismounted once again and repeated the action slower this time.  He was being very serious with his demonstration.

“Did you see it clearly this time?”

“I saw it clearly.”  Chen Ning nodded, but her heart was filled with doubts.  This bastard highness is so impatient, is he planning something bad again?”

In fact, she had memorized it the first time, but in order to make sure that Chu Shao Yang wasn’t tricking her, she made him perform it three times.

After seeing that his actions were the same all three times, she was finally assured.

“Now you should have a try.  If you can’t learn it, then don’t blame this king for being impolite.  This king has never had a dumb disciple before.”  Chu Shao Yang jumped of the horse with a cold face as he stood in front of Chen Ning.

Who would want to be your disciple!

Chen Ning secretly criticized him.  Her hands grabbed the saddle and pulled herself onto the horse.  Her movements were the same as Chu Shao Yang, but they were not as skilled as him.

This ugly monster learns quite quickly.

Even though Chu Shao Yang was picky, he could not find a fault with her.

“Humph!”  He tried to find faults as he coldly said, “Your speed is slower than a snail!  Practice this ten more times!  If it’s still this slow, then you should find someone else to teach you!”

What is he doing!

Chen Ning cursed him in her stomach, but she still seriously repeated it ten times.  After ten times, her mounting action was comparable to Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang still had an expressionless look on his face, not saying a single word of praise.

Chen Ning did not care about getting his praise anyway.  She just wanted to properly learn how to ride.

“After you mount the horse, you need to have a straight posture, look forward, relax your arms, and hold the horse reins……No, no, not holding it like that.  Left hand on the left rein and right hand on the right rein.  No, no!  Not like that, you have to pass it over your palm.  This woman, how can you be this dumb!”

Chu Shao Yang was very impatient as he came forward and grabbed her hand.  Then he wrapped the horse rein around her hand, “Press down with your thumb and don’t let go!”

Chen Ning followed his words as she held the reins.  However, his hands did not let go and continued to hold her hands.  Her pretty white hands were gripped in his palms.

She was surprised.  Looking over at him, she asked in a curious voice, “I hold it like this?”

It was unknown what Chu Shao Yang was thinking, but he was stunned when she asked this.  Recovering himself, he found that he was still holding her hand.  He quickly pulled his hand back like he was holding a poisonous snake.

Chen Ning disdainfully pouted her lips out.  It seemed like his hate towards her was quite deep.

But this was good.  It would be best that he hate her more, to the point where he divorced her so she could finally be free.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help cursing this man dominated era.  Why could married women only let husbands divorce them and take the initiative to divorce their husbands!

That’s right, divorce her husband!

Her eyes suddenly lit up like a new window had just opened.

He wasn’t willing to divorce her, but she could divorce him!

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  1. MoonRaven says:

    About time for a divorce! Hope she marries man-in-black, not brother-in-law!

  2. TeaTae says:

    Do it!

    (if only her husband don’t become crazy over her and refuse)

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  6. Admiralen says:

    Its not so much man dominated as its backing dominated
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