Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 220

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Chapter 220: Slapping the animal to death

“Listen to this king.  If you lose, then you will kneel in front of the king’s palace front gate and beg this king for forgiveness.  You will also never take another step from the Flowing Cloud Pavilion!  Well, do you dare take this bet?”  Chu Shao Yang gave a sinister laugh.

If she took this bet, then she would be kneeling front of him forever.  Just like a dog for it’s only master, forever!

Because he would definitely win!

He stared right at her eyes, waiting expectantly for her nod.

He really wanted to see this scene, he really wanted to!

“Alright, I’ll take this bet.”

Chen Ning nodded her head with no hesitation and then walked into the horse track.

She walked a few steps and then turned back to look at Chu Shao Yang standing there.  She raised her brows and said, “Your highness, while we do have a bet, you can’t skip on teaching me how to ride horses, you have to be serious when teaching me.  Otherwise, if you win the bet on that day, it won’t be a fair victory.”

“Do you think that this king is that kind of petty person?  Humph, in a while, this king will personally teach you how to ride.  I’ll be honest with you, your technique yesterday was just absolutely terrible!”

After Chu Shao Yang said this, he walked into the horse track.

When the horse groom saw his highness, he knelt down to greet Chu Shao Yang.

“Saddle up the jade flower horse for this king!”  After Chu Shao Yang said this, the horse groom ran off to prepare the horse.

The jade flower horse was Chu Shao Yang’s favourite horse.  He rubbed the jade flower horse’s head as he looked at the other horses in the stable.  Then he said in pondering voice, “Prepare the blue and white porcelain horse for the princess.”

When he heard this, the horse groom dug his ears because he thought that he had heard wrong.

The blue and white porcelain horse was the spring flower horse and one of his highness’ favourites.  He had never allowed anyone to ride it before.

His highness was actually letting the princess consort ride it?

He just stood there without daring to move.

“Are you deaf?  Why are you not going yet?”  Chu Shao Yang gave the horse groom a fierce glance.

“Your highness, this servant did not hear you clearly.  Which horse do you want to give the princess consort?”  The horse groom mustered up his courage and asked.

“Blue, and, white, porcelain!  Did you hear it this time?”  Chu Shao Yang’s face turned cold as he repeated himself word by word.

“I, I, I understand.  This, this, this servant will saddle the horse now.”  The horse groom began to tremble from his fear.  He quickly ran off to saddle the horses and then respectfully led a horse over to Chen Ning.

“Such a beautiful horse!”

This blue and white porcelain horse was completely clean.  It had shiny fur and a tall stature, with a shiny saddle attached to it.  One could tell that this was an extraordinary horse with just one glance.  Compared to date red horse she picked yesterday, it was like comparing earth and heaven.

But in comparison, Chen Ning liked the date red horse she picked more, otherwise she wouldn’t have made that bet with Chu Shao Yang for it.

But Chu Shao Yang taking out his beloved horse for her, it seemed like he was going to seriously teach her how to ride.

“Many thanks your highness, you really are generous.”

Chen Ning took out a few dumplings for the horse and got closer to the horse.

The blue and white porcelain horse happily ate the dumplings in her hand, after finishing the dumpling, it began to lick her hand.  It used its head to nuzzle against Chen Ning, sharing an intimate moment with her.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes seemed like they were about to shoot out fire.  He really wanted to slap this weak willed animal to death.

“Your highness, let’s begin.”  Chen Ning finished appeasing the blue and white porcelain horse and then looked up at Chu Shao Yang as she spoke.

“Un, to learn how to ride horses, you need to start from learning how to mount a horse.  Your horse mounting posture yesterday was wrong, it was completely wrong!  Watch carefully at how this king mounts his horse.”

When Chu Shao Yang finished speaking, he raised his right foot and mounted himself onto the jade flower horse, sitting there with a natural posture.  Although the movement had been quick, it was as smooth as passing clouds or flowing water, looking very pleasing to the eye.

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