Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 222

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Chapter 222: Too lazy to watch the play

But, after going through the original owner’s memories, she was as listless as a deflated balloon.

This was not a fair era and women had never divorced a man before.  This only worked if the woman had a higher status, then she could divorce the man, but it required the man’s willingness to allow it to happen.

Like a marriage between the princess and crown prince, without the emperor’s agreement, then it would require the crown prince’s agreement.

This was clearly discrimination against women, it was too unfair!

Chen Ning felt indignant, but she couldn’t help looking over at Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang felt strange being stared at her and wanted to stare back, but he suddenly remembered how he had held her hand and had held it for so long that he could not help feeling embarrassed as he looked away.

He gave a gentle cough.  As he prepared to teach Chen Ning how to ride, he suddenly heard a clear and delicate voice calling in the distance.

“Your highness!”

He and Chen Ning both turned to look over at the same time.

They saw Chen Bi Yun and Lan Xiang walking over, it was unknown when they had come.  Chen Bi Yun had a delicate smile on her face, as she affectionately stared at Chu Shao Yang.

Lan Xiang stood behind her and looked at Chen Ning with an unfriendly gaze.

Chen Bi Yun had carefully dressed herself up today.  Her hair was tied up with a simple and elegant pearl hairpin.  She was wearing a chestnut white cloud brocaded robe with a pink cloud shaped dress.  She walked over in a charming manner, heading right towards Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes lit up and he could not help going forth to meet her.  His eyes were filled with pleasant surprise, but he complained, “Yun’er, why are you here?  There is so much wind at this racetrack, how could you wear so little?”

He scolded Lan Xiang, “What kind of servant are you?  Don’t you know how to take care of your own master?”

Lan Xiang quickly came forth and offered the brocaded cloak she held in her hand.

Chu Shao Yang personally put it on Chen Bi Yun as he said in a considerate voice, “Are you still cold?”

“I’m not cold, thank you your highness.  You are really good to Yun’er.”  Chen Bi Yun revealed a charming smile as she moved into Chu Shao Yang’s chest, letting him stroke her hair.

She looked down and a cold glow filled with hate flashed in her eyes.

She had clearly seen that her beloved man had actually held that cheap woman’s hand!

It seemed like that cheap woman was really using this chance to get closer to his highness.  If it wasn’t for her timely arrival, then she might have succeeded.

“Aiya, your highness, this isn’t good.  Elder sister is on the side watching us.”

Chen Bi Yun quickly left Chu Shao Yang’s embrace.  Her face turned red with embarrassment as she shyly looked down, “Elder sister, your little sister has been rude and disturbed your private time with his highness.  I hope elder sister can forgive Yun’er.”

“No, there’s nothing to forgive.  Seeing little sister and your highness acting so lovingly, your elder sister is truly happy for her little sister.”

Chen Ning did not even see those two acting lovingly at all, he was not interested in seeing this white lotus’ play.  If she wanted to see a play, she would go to the theater.  At least there were servants there that brought tea and the play itself was better than this white lotus’ acting.

Chu Shao Yang looked over at her.  Seeing her reveal a smiling face while whispering into her horse’s ear, not looking at him and Chen Bi Yun at all, his heart sank.

She said it very casually and her expression was very normal, as if she did not care at all.

She really did not care at all.

Chen Bi Yun’s heart filled with pride, but her face still revealed a delicate expression.  Looking at Chu Shao Yang, she said in a worried voice, “Your highness did not come back last night and Yun’er was worried.  I heard that your highness came to the horse track as soon as he came back, so Yun’er paid a special visit.  Seeing that your highness is fine, Yun’er is relieved.”

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