Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 219

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Chapter 219: You must lose this bet

“Ya!”  Seeing the horse track’s door in the distance, Chen Ning suddenly stopped and gave a regretful sigh.

“What’s wrong?  Did you lose your courage after yesterday and no longer dare to ride anymore?”  Chu Shao Yang said in a taunting voice as his eyes filled with contempt.

“Who says that I’m afraid?  I just remembered that being in a hurry, I forgot to bring the red date horse back.  Should I go back and get it?”  Chen Ning turned around.

“What a joke!  The horse track has horses, so you can just pick a random one.  You aren’t thinking about going back to get the horse and are using this as an excuse to run away, right?”  Chu Shao Yang revealed a cold smile and said, “If you don’t dare to ride a horse, then go find the eldest princess.  Tell her that you almost fell down from a horse and will withdraw from the hunting contest, that way this king won’t lose face!”

He couldn’t wait for her to leave.  He did not want to see her damn figure in the horse track anymore.

“Your highness likes to look down on others and think others are inferior, right?  In your highness’ heart, you must think that we women are all weak and even a single breeze would blow us down, right?”

Chen Ning’s long hair was suddenly blown onto her chest.  They had come in a rush and she did not have time to tie her hair up.  Thinking about how she had to ride a horse soon, she broke off a peach blossom branch that had three-four peach blossoms on it.

Making the best of the situation, she tied up her hair with the branch.  That peach blossom branch became a peach blossom hairpin that looked very charming and clever.

“Humph, a ugly person’s tricks!”  Chu Shao Yang gave a cold snort.

Chen Ning was not angry because this dog’s bark was worse than his bite.

She raised her brows and looked at him in a provoking manner, “Your highness, do you dare make a bet with me?”

“What bet?”  He stood in front of her, with his tall shadow cast over her and revealing a look of disdain.

“Bet on who will hunt the best prey on the day of the hunt!  How about it?  Is your highness willing to bet with a weak little girl like me?”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”  Chu Shao Yang seemed like he had heard the funniest joke ever as he looked up and began to laugh.

“Is your highness scared?”  Chen Ning deliberately taunted him.

“Chen Ning!”  Chu Shao Yang’s head looked down as he knit his brows together.  He the revealed a smile, “Do you think this king does not know what you’re planning?  You want that date red horse, right?”

This bastard highness was quite clever.

Chen Ning whispered this in her heart, but her smile didn’t fade.  Her eyes sparkled as she said with a smile, “Ya, it seems like you’ve seen through me.  Your highness is quite intelligent.  Since your highness has seen through my intention, then you will not take this bet, right?”

“Humph!  How could you guess this king’s mind!  This bet, this king will take!  If you can win over this king on the day of the hunt, then that date red horse will be yours!  But if you lose to this king, then what will this king take from you?”

Chu Shao Yang narrowed his eyes as he studied Chen Ning.

Although her face was still very strange, he was slowly growing accustomed to it and no longer felt it was that glaring.

Chen Ning took a step back and covered her chest, revealing a terrified expression, “What?  Your highness wouldn’t be thinking about wanting my body, right?”

“……Pu!”  Chu Shao Yang could not hold back and spat out the spit in his mouth, before coughing a few times.

He knew that she was doing it on purpose, but he could not feel any anger.  Not only was he not angry, he almost burst out in laughter at her exaggerated appearance.

“You….You’re dreaming!  If you want to be this king’s woman, then wait until your next life!”  He tried to control the smile that was appearing on his lips as he forced himself to show a serious expression.

“Then I have to thank your highness for his grace!”

This one sentence from Chen Ning completely shattered his good mood.

This damn woman, the words that she said were always so ugly!

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