Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 218

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Chapter 218: Turning flowers into dust

Chen Ning quickly changed clothes and came out, wearing the same sky blue hunting clothes from yesterday.  At a first glance, it made people’s eyes light up, as if they just saw a cloud float down from the sky.

Chu Shao Yang narrowed his eyes and gave a cold snort, as he disdainfully looked away.

Looking this ugly, even if she was wearing a robe made of phoenix feathers, she would still be an ugly monster!

The two of them walked to towards the horse track.  Chu Shao Yang had a serious look on his face the entire way, not making a single sound.  It was unknown what he was thinking.

He had knitted brows, dark eyes, and a straight nose bridge.  Although he was angry, he was still a beautiful man.  Even his angry look was quite pleasing to the eye.

It was a pity that he only had this beautiful appearance, but had the heart of a brute!

Chen Ning looked at him a few times before looking away to enjoy the scenery around her.

“Did you secretly look at this king?”  Although Chu Shao Yang was looking away, he could feel Chen Ning’s gaze on him.  He felt a little bothered and a little proud in his heart.

“Un.”  Chen Ning casually replied.

It’s fine if she looked, she wasn’t going to deny it.

“How do you think this king looks?”  He arrogantly asked her.

“You’re…..not bad.”

Chu Shao Yang eyebrows raised as he repeated, “Not bad?”

“Un, you’re alright.”

“Alright?”  Chu Shao Yang’s eyes narrowed.



The veins on Chu Shao Yang’s forehead popped out as he angrily stared at Chen Ning.

This ugly monster, she had terrible tastes!

When Chu Shao Yang went on the streets, who wouldn’t call him incomparably handsome and graceful!

“Since this king isn’t all that great in your eyes, why did you block this king’s horse in the street before?  Why were you that stubborn to marry this king?”  His lips were drawn back into a cold smile.

“That was because the previous Chen Ning was blind.”  Chen Ning blunted said to him.

“……You!”  Chu Shao Yang angrily clenched his hands into fists.

Chen Ning suddenly revealed a smile and pointed out, “That peach blossom looks quite good, can you get it for me?”

Chu Shao Yang stretched out his hand to touch the peach blossom branch that was covered in beautiful pink flowers.  It was unknown how he plucked off the flower, but he prepared to give it to her.

Her eyebrows curved and she reached out with a smile.

He suddenly reacted to this situation.  Didn’t he want to hit her earlier?  Why was he picking flowers for her now?

“Humph!”  He threw the flower to the ground and stomped on it, turning it to dust.

“Ya, this pitiful little flower.  If little sister Bi Yun knew that your highness was this forceful with flowers, I wonder, would she still want your highness that much?”

Chen Ning walked past him.  The light blue skirt fluttered in front of him and then he was just left with a slim and slender back.

A gentle fragrance entered his nose, that smelled like a fragrant orchid.  It was unknown whether it came from her or the peach blossom that he had just crushed.

Chu Shao Yang was stunned as he watched her swaying figure.  His right hand went to cover his nose, but there was still the peach blossom fragrance on it.

Was this the same Chen Ning that wanted to kill herself if she didn’t marry him?

She did not even spare him an extra glance now.

Even when she looked at him, her eyes were filled with disdain and disgust, just like how he looked at her!

Chu Shao Yang’s chest seemed like it was blocked by a large ball of cotton.

He could disdain her, but how could she disdain him!

For this kind of arrogant girl, he would definitely break her spirit.  One day, he would make her ugly proud head bow down to him!

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