Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: Where is that man

Actually, he was the same as a broken rag in her eyes. Moreover, he was a rag that Chen Bi Yun had used before, so she really did not want him.  Whenever this rag touched her, she felt…..dirty!

“Alright, you are the king, so what you say counts.  Whatever you want is what will happen.  If you feel like me being in this king’s palace is a hindrance to you and my little sister Bi Yun, then you can give me the divorce papers and I will leave immediately.  Ya!  Your highness, you not divorcing me like this, does this mean you actually like me?”

Chen Ning suddenly gave Chu Shao Yang a seductive wink.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes looked away from her ugly face and his heart filled with disgust.  He forcefully pushed her back and coldly said, “Like you?  Only if this king was blind!”

“There might be one day that you will go blind.”

Chen Ning said in a small voice.  Then she raised her eyebrows and smiled at Chu Shao Yang as she said, “Your highness, you keep running to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion like this, wouldn’t little sister Bi Yun be jealous?”

Chu Shao Yang took a few deep breaths and forced his anger at Chen Ning’s teasing down.  When he remembered his reason for coming here, the anger he suppressed once again rised.

“Who is that man?”  His eyes turned cold as he was filled with anger.

“Man?  What man?”  Chen Ning blinked as she deliberately asked this question.

“Stop pretending!  It’s the man you brought back into the Flowing Cloud Pavilion!”  Chu Shao Yang was filled with rage as his eyes turned red.  He looked just like a man eating lion.

He had not slept at all, tirelessly searching the entire capital for her with his guards for an entire night, but had found nothing at all.

He never thought that when he came back to the palace, he would hear the news that not only had Chen Ning not died, she had even brought a black clothed man with her.  He had entered the Flowing Cloud Pavilion and had not come out for the entire night.

He had no expressions on his face, but his hands turned into fists, with veins popping out of the back of his hands.  He did not stop at all as he rushed to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.

“So your highness came to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion to find a man?”  Chen Ning pursed her lips into a smile as her eyes sparkled.  She looked at him with a smile on her face, “It’s a pity that I’ll have to disappoint your highness because the only man here is your highness.  Is it that hard for your highness to find himself?  Hee, hee, this is quite interesting.”

Chu Shao Yang was so angry that his hair stood up.  He loudly roared, “Chen Ning, do you really think this king will not hit you!  If you don’t bring that man out, this king will want your life!”

“My life is here, take it as you wish.  As for the man you want, I can only apologize since my Flowing Cloud Pavilion has no men.”

Chen Ning was not bothered at all as she spoke in a very bold manner.  The sentence also had a double meaning.

It was a pity the enraged Chu Shao Yang did not care as he said through gritted teeth, “Alright, just wait then.  If this king finds a man here, then you can die together!”

He quickly charged forward, searching through each of the rooms.  His martial arts made him as fast as the wind.

“Humph, how bold.  Using such strength and still daring to say that he doesn’t hit women.”

Chen Ning rubbed the chin that Chu Shao Yang had hurt as she complained about him.  Her voice was small, so she believed that Chu Shao Yang would not hear her.

She did not have the patience to wait for him, so she sat down beside a flower bed.

After a while, Chu Shao Yang came out with depressed, but emotionless face.

She did not lie.  Other than him, there were no other men in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion!

He had searched all the rooms, but he had not found a single trace of any men living there.

But he believed that the guard would not dare lie to him.  She must have brought a man back last night.

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