Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: Eagle catching a chick

Chu Shao Yang’s black snake embroidered stopped right in front of Chen Ning.

Chen Ning looked up at him.  The flower bed’s shined on her face and her eyes sparkled.  She revealed a bright smile, “Your highness, since you’re this tired, do you want to have a rest?”

His eyes turned dark as he said, “Chen Ning, you should not forget your own identity.  You are this king’s legal princess, so if you do anything wrong to this king, then this king will take your life!”

Chen Ning looked at his eyes and asked with a smile, “Oh, what would be wrong to you?  For example, finding another man?”

“Chen Ning!”  Chu Shao Yang suddenly shouted.  His eyes stared right at her, “If you make this king wear a green hat, then this king will make you wish you were dead!  As long as you are this king’s woman, you should never think of having another man!”

[TL Note: green hat means a cuckold]

After saying this, he suddenly turned around and left.

Chen Ning watched his back and her lips curled into a smile.  She casually said, “Ze, ze, with your highness caring about me this much, does that mean you’ve fallen in love with me?”

Her voice was spread on the wind to Chu Shao Yang’s ears and he clearly heard everything.

Chu Shao Yang suddenly stopped in his tracks.  Slowly turning around, he walked back in front of her.

Chen Ning had a smile as she met his cold gaze, feeling no fear at all.

“This kind is telling you, if you want this king to like you, then you should prepare for it in your next life.  Stand up and come with this king?”  He grabbed her arm and pulled her with him.

“Hey, where are you taking me?  Chu Shao Yang, gentlemen use their words rather than their actions.  If others see you pulling me like this, wouldn’t you be losing your face as a king?”

Chen Ning was dragged to her feet and pulled away like a eagle catching a little chick.

His large hands were like pincers as they gripped her arm.  She kept insulting him in her heart, but she did not forget to secretly whisper some misgivings as well.

“Young miss, young miss!”  Xiao Ru broke out of Chun Tao and Xia He’s grip and shouted at them while chasing after them.

“Stop!  If a maid like you dares to follow, this king will break you to pieces and feed you to the dogs!”

Chu Shao Yang suddenly turned around and looked at Xiao Ru like a tiger, as he shouted in a fierce voice.

Xiao Ru suddenly trembled as her eyes revealed a look of fear.  Her feet stopped for a second before running after Chen Ning again.

“Xiao Ru, freeze!  Be good and don’t come over!  Will you not even listen to me?”  Chen Ning revealed a serious look.

She knew that Chu Shao Yang was not joking.  If he was truly angered, he might really do what he just threatened to do.

Xiao Ru stopped and just stared at Chen Ning in a daze as tears fell down her face.

Chen Ning smiled and said, “Silly girl, his highness is just bringing me to the horse track to teach me how to ride horse.  He’s not trying to kill me, so why are you crying?  Just obediently wait here for me to return.”

Chu Shao Yang slightly lowered his head to look at her.  His eyes fell on her delicate and beautiful neck.  Her skin was thin and transparent, shining in the sun’s light falling on her.

He couldn’t help thinking of when he was holding her chin and the soft feeling that came with it.  It was almost even more delicate than Chen Bi Yun’s skin.  His heart couldn’t help skipping a beat.

“How did you know this king was going to teach you how to ride horses?”  He said in a low voice.  His hands unknowingly loosened a little, but he still held onto her arm.

“It’s just a random guess.  If it is true, can your highness let me change clothes first?  I can’t ride horses like this, right?”  Chen Ning shrugged her shoulders as she spoke in a gentle voice.

“Go then!”  Chu Shao Yang let her go.

Without knowing why, he felt the anger in his chest slowly disappear.  Although he had not slept at all and his eyes were completely red, he could not help staring at her back as she walked away.

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