Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 215

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Chapter 215: A broken rag

Chen Ning was stunned for a second before revealing a cold smile.

She was a little touched earlier, but now she understood everything.

“I’ve heard that your highness searched all night for me?”  She suddenly raised her brows as she leaned in closer to him.  The sun shined down on her eyes, but it couldn’t conceal the glow deep down.

Chu Shao Yang couldn’t help looking at her eyes as a trace of embarrassment flashed in his eyes.

He didn’t know if he should deny it yet, but he heard Chen Ning’s indifferent laugh.

“Your highness should be searching for that horse right?  That horse is a rare breed and a horse lover like your highness would not be willing to let it go.  You can be assured, I brought the horse back in perfect shape, without a single hair missing.  I, Chen Ning do not desire your things.”

After she finished, she moved back several steps, keeping her distance from him.  Her lips turned cold as her eyes filled with despair, looking at him like he was a pile of feces.

“Chen Ning!”  Chu Shao Yang finally exploded with rage.  He suddenly came close and grabbed her wrist, holding it tightly.

Her eyebrows knitted with pain, but she made no sound.  Her eyes looked away from him, giving her that stubborn look that infuriated him.

He raised her chin, forcing her to look up, but she did not look at him.  Her long and gentle eyelashes fluttered, like the wings of a butterfly.

This was his first time noticing that she didn’t actually look that bad.  Her eyes were…..very beautiful!

“Do you hate this king’s things that much?  Do you really not want them?”  He gave a cold laugh and his eyes turned cold.  He slowly said, “This king’s horse you don’t want, this king’s golden princess crown you don’t want, then does that mean you don’t want this king?  Do you believe this king won’t immediately throw you out!”

It’s over, it’s over!

This time his highness was truly enraged!

All the people here held their breaths as they watched this scene with wide open eyes.

Chun Tao and Xia He’s hearts almost jumped out.  Xiao Ru wanted to run over to Chen Ning, but she was held back by the two of them.

“Throw me out?”  Chen Ning finally raised her eyes and her face revealed a smile.  Her eyes sparkled and shined as she said, “You are not what I want at all.  I never wanted to be the princess.  This King Ding Yuan palace is not my home.  If you’re willing to throw me out, I will happily say one thing to you…..Thank you.”

The area turned silent as the air turned heavy.

Almost everyone here could hear Chu Shao Yang’s heavy breathing.

No one dared to make a sound because they knew that his highness was already on the edge of exploding.  If anyone gently poked him, he would explode.

Chun Tao and Xia He couldn’t help breaking out in cold sweat for Chen Ning.  Only Xiao Ru looked at her young miss with a look of worship, wanting to say, “Good words!”

Chu Shao Yang’s chest was blocked by flames of rage which made it very uncomfortable for him.  His fingers unconsciously loosened and the pain in Chen Ning’s chin stopped.  Looking at his eyes, she had no fear, just a bit of indifference.

“In the past, you’re the one that was so stubborn about being married to this king, even asking my royal uncle to engage us and now you want this king to throw you away?  What are you treating this king as!  Are you treating this king as a broken rag that you can have whenever you want and can throw away whenever you’re done with me?  Let me tell you, if you want this king to divorce you, then you’re dreaming!”  Chu Shao Yang said this through gritted teeth, wanting to swallow this girl in front of him with a single bite.

Broken rags?

Chen Ning blinked and then revealed a smile.

She found that Chu Shao Yang had described himself quite appropriately.

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