Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 214

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Chapter 214: Are you even a girl

Chen Ning considered it for a while before putting the thunderbolt eggs back into the closet.  Then she picked up the makeup and began to apply it to her face before walking out of her room.

Facing her was Chu Shao Yang.

She looked up and lazily gave a greeting to him.

“Yo, what wind blew his highness here so early in the morning?”

With the early morning sun shining on her, the crow’s nest hair caused by her sleeping was swept down to her waist.  Her waist seemed very slender, perfectly being outlined by the hair with each strand releasing a glow.

Her posture was lazy and her voice was soft, creating an indescribable charm, that seemed soul stirring.

Somehow even Chu Shao Yang’s heart skipped a beat.

When his eyes fell onto her face, his brows knit together.  He turned his head in disgust before giving a cold snort.

“Yo, your highness is so angry after getting up, is it because my little sister did not service you enough last night?  Your highness should understand that my little sister is pregnant and cannot bear your highness’ storm.  Although you are a man, you should be gentle to her.”

[TL Note: Don’t tell your parents……]

Chen Ning curled her lips into a smile as she spoke.

A gasp came from around her.

The three maids all lowered their heads as did not know what to do.

They screamed in their heart, “God, the princess consort truly has no cover for her mouth, daring to say whatever she wants.  These kinds of words would be enough to shame a person to death.”

“Chen Ning, are you even a girl!”  Chu Shao Yang intensely stared at her as he was filled with anger.

He did not believe there would be this kind of girl that would say this kind of bold words!

“Whether I’m a girl or not, can’t your highness see?  He, he, are your eyes just for show?”  Chen Ning giggled as she raised her eyes and looked at Chu Shao Yang.


She found that Chu Shao Yang was still wearing the same black clothes as yesterday, but it was now grey coloured like it was covered in dust.  His eyes were bloodshot, looking very tired, like he had not slept at all.

“You!”  Chu Shao Yang angrily gritted his teeth.  He forcefully suppressed rage that he felt and said in a cold voice, “Chen Ning, why are you not dead yet!”

“Is your highness disappointed that I’m not dead yet?  It seems like your highness’ face is not that great, how did you turn that way?  Were you locked out by my little sister and had to stand outside for an entire night?  It must have been tough on your highness sleeping outside for the entire night.”

Chen Ning covered her lips as she gave a gloating laugh.

Whenever she spoke, Chu Shao Yang always had an impulse to run forward and choke this girl.

Her words were always sharp and always stung his ears.

“Humph!  You’re so unfair to his highness!  Don’t you know that his highness did not sleep last night because he was searching the entire night for you…..”

The little servant boy beside Chu Shao Yang suddenly looked up at Chen Ning with an angry gaze.

“Xiao An Zi, scram outside now for this king!  Is this a place where you’re allowed to speak!”

Chu Shao Yang shouted as he kicked out with a leg and sent Xiao An Zi flying.  The words Xiao An Zi said immediately went back into his stomach and he was sent flying out.

Chen Ning couldn’t help being stunned as she looked at Chu Shao Yang with a suspicious gaze.

He searched a whole night for her?  Was he a good person like that?

How could it be Chu Shao Yang!

He was the one who whipped her horse’s butt, he should be anxious to see her die.

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