Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 213

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Chapter 213: The walls have ears

Xiao Ru helped Chen Ning tie her belt and continued to say, “Young miss, you can be assured, this servant will not tell anyone.  Even if Chun Tao and Xia He ask, I won’t say anything.  This servant just wishes for the young miss to be happy, whether you have his highness or not.  As long as he is devoted to the young miss, it’s fine even if he’s a guard.”

Chen Ning didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Xiao Ru, with which eye does it seem like my relation with Bodyguard Hei seems different, un?”  She curled her lips and revealed a smile.

Xiao Ru’s lips froze as she looked at Chen Ning in a daze.

“You’re right in saying that I do not like Chu Shao Yang, but I do not like Bodyguard Hei either!  You better stop spreading rumours in the future.  Does your young miss need to worry about being unwanted by others!”

She remembered the words Xiao Bai said last night and she revealed a faint smile to Xiao Ru.  The smile was very bright as her eyes sparkled.

Xiao Ru blurted out, “Young miss, your smile is really beautiful!”

“Pei, pei, pei, stop trying to flatter me.”

Chen Ning rolled her eyes and walked to the room next door.  Hearing that there was no sound coming from within, she reached out and pushed open the door.

She walked into the empty room and found that Mo Chuan was not there.

The bed sheets were still very neat, as if no one had slept on them.

Damn, that Mo Chuan actually left!

Chen Ning stomped her feet as she was filled with anger.

What happen to his words being worth a thousand gold?

Is it because Mo Chuan was an assassin and his words weren’t worth anything?

Next time that Chu Shao Yang comes looking for her, with her terrible martial arts, how would she deal with him?

While she was feeling annoyed, bad news came one after the other.

“Young miss, his highness…..His highness is here.”  Chun Tao came panting in with a strange look on her face.

She did not know whether to be happy or worried.

In the past, when his highness appeared, it was like a golden phoenix descending from the sky, looking majestic.  However in the past two days, his highness had caused several ruckuses in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion and left every time looking like he had eaten a pile of poop.  It was very clear that he was infuriated every time he met the princess consort.

His highness never had a good look on his face when seeing the princess, so like this, she began to wish that his highness would not appear again.  That way they would no longer fight and make it hard on their subordinates.

She was feeling especially guilty today.  The princess consort had just brought a man home yesterday and his highness had come early in the morning, so it was clear that he was here to punish her.

“Oh?  He has his legs, so he can come in if he wants.  Does he really need this princess to go out and welcome him?”

Chen Ning raised her brows.

She expected Chu Shao Yang to come because the walls had ears in this world.  She had brought a man into the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, so she expected to reach Chu Shao Yang’s ears eventually.

Chu Shao Yang’s ears were all over this king’s palace.  The two guards at the door yesterday must have reported to Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang being able to wait until now to come, it was later than she expected.

Ai, it would be great if Mo Chuan was here now.  Now that Mo Chuan was gone, she felt a little troubled.

If that cheap man used brute force, what would she do?

Chen Ning turned around and quickly moved into her room.  Opening her closet, she took out two thunderbolt eggs and placed them in her pocket.  Actually this was not the best idea, but she had to take a chance because it was better than doing nothing.

Her eyes fell onto the mirror and saw her clear face reflected back.  No, this is not the time to let that cheap man find out that the one who threw those thunderbolt eggs at him was her!

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