Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 212

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Chapter 212: A game and a dream

With a “kuang dang” sound.

Chen Ning was stunned.  She thought it was either Xiao Bai or Xiao Hey coming back and she quickly looked over.

She saw Xiao Ru with a head of messy hair standing by the door.  When she saw Chen Ning, she sleepily asked, “Young miss, is there lightning?  This servant heard the sound of lightning and whose legs did you want to break?”

Chen Ning gave a helpless smile.  Then she looked at Xiao Ru and said with a serious face, “If you don’t go back to sleep, then I’ll break your legs!”

After she said this, she forcefully closed the window and secured the latch.

The next morning, Chen Ning had not opened her eyes yet and she was awakened by a shocked scream.

“Ah!  Young miss, did the house get robbed?  No wonder this servant heard the sounds of wind and lightning last night.  So the lightning was coming from our house, god!”

Xiao Ru came in and was shocked by the messy room.  She couldn’t help screaming out in surprise.

The table and chairs had fallen and the flower vase had been shattered……The entire room was a mess.

There was only the bed in good shape, without the slightest bit of damage to it at all.

On the bed was Chen Ning holding her blankets, having a nice dream.

“Young miss, you were not struck by lightning, right?”  Xiao Ru quickly rushed over to the bed.  After carefully examining Chen Ning all over did she finally calm down.

“Little girl, if you keep jinxing me like this, I will give you over to that fox Xiao Si, humph!”  Chen Ning suddenly opened her eyes and grabbed onto Xiao Ru’s ear.

“Aiyo, it’s hurts!  Young miss, let go.”  Xiao Ru had a bitter look on her face.

Chen Ning revealed a smile as she let go.  Looking around and seeing the messy room, she couldn’t help being surprised.

Those two fellows had really treated her room as a battleground!

She clapped her hands and called Xia He over.  Then she ordered, “Tell housekeeper Lin that I don’t like any of the furniture here, so this princess smashed them.  Tell him to get the best set possible for this princess.”

Xia He saw the wreckage on the ground and her eyes went wide with shock.  Hearing that Chen Ning smashed it, her chin almost fell off.

Oh, it must be because his highness angered the princess consort yesterday at the horse track and that’s why the princess consort smashed everything in the room to vent her anger.

The princess consort was quite strong, being able to smash the table and chair to pieces.  She’s so strong!

“Yes, princess consort.  This servant will do it now.”  Xia He quickly left as she looked at Chen Ning with a gaze of admiration.

Chen Ning began to think of what happened last night.  It was like a game and like a dream.

She lowered her head and noticed the basket in front of the bed.  The basket filled with eggs proved that everything that happened last night was true.

Xiao Bai had really come and gone.

Xiao Hei had also come and gone.

This is bad!  Xiao Hei?

Chen Ning was shocked as she suddenly stood up and prepared to go out.

“Young miss!  Young miss!”  Xiao Ru grabbed an outer shirt and placed it over Chen Ning’s shoulders as she complained, “Even if you’re in a rush to see Bodyguard Hei, you should wear an outer shirt first, otherwise it’ll seem rude.”

Chen Ning revealed a smile as she looked at Xiao Ru while putting on the shirt, “How did you know that I was going to see him?”

“Ai, this servant has eyes and can see through it all.  Young miss treats Bodyguard Hei differently and Bodyguard Hei treats the young miss……It also seems different.  He has all that money and yet he’s willing to be a bodyguard for the young miss, it must mean that he likes the young miss.  If you really don’t like his highness, then this servant feels like Bodyguard Hei is fine as well…..”

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