Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 197

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Chapter 197: Good horses understand human nature

“……”  Chen Ning was speechless.

She already could not think of a way to reject him.  Seeing his serious expression, it seemed like he had made his decision.

“Young master Mo, we have agreed before, if you follow me back, you will only be protecting me.  You can’t kill anyone, especially killing someone because you feel like it.”  Chen Ning gritted her teeth and decided on setting some rules first.

Mo Chuan lifted his chin and said with an expressionless face, “The price of me killing someone is not something you can afford.”  His voice was very wild and proud.

She let out a sigh of relief right when she heard Mo Chuan slowly add in, “Sometimes, I will kill for free.”

Chen Ning almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

She stared at him.

Did he really have to take that long of a pause?

According to him, if there was something that displeased him, he would kill it without a single word.

“Let’s go.”  Mo Chuan did not even look at her.

“Go where?”

“Go home.”  His voice seemed very natural.

Alright, let’s go home then.

Thinking of this assassin who had unfathomable skills actually being willing to become her bodyguard, Chen Ning felt a bit of excitement in her heart.

With him at her side protecting her, she would not have to worry about that cheap man, Chu Shao Yang hurting her.

Her lips curled into a smile as she held the date red horse and moved forward.  She suddenly noticed another person beside her.  Mo Chuan was walking right beside her as they moved forward.

“I don’t like being behind others.”  Mo Chuan gently said.

“Alright, then you can walk in front.”  Chen Ning gritted her teeth.

She did not want to walk side by side with him because this was a very intimate and vague thing to do.  To her, he was a complete stranger.

“I don’t know the way.”  Mo Chuan replied.

“……”  Chen Ning really wanted to ask if he was doing this on purpose or not.

Feeling helpless, she could only move to the other side and grip the horse reins with her other hand, so that the date red horse stood between them.  Then she continued moving forward.

She was not used to being so close to a stranger because she had always maintained a safe distance before and a kind of close distance.  If anyone entered into her safe distance, she would feel very uncomfortable.

“This is a good horse.”  Mo Chuan turned and his eyes fell onto the date red horse.  This was his second time praising it.

Chen Ning felt a little proud as she purposefully asked, “Oh?  What part about it is good?  Don’t you think that it is an ugly horse?”

“Ugly?  No, it isn’t ugly at all.”  Mo Chuan carefully examined the date red horse with a serious look on his face, “To compare horses, one has to look at its bones and not its skin.  Its bones are thick and big, with short and thick legs, and a strong and long sternum……This is an incredibly rare horse!”

He was a person that treated his words like gold, but he did not hold back talking about horses.  It was clear that he was a person that was very knowledgeable about horses and he loved horses a lot.

When Chen Ning heard this, she was pleasantly surprised as she stroked the date red horse’s mane.

The reason why she had picked this horse was because she saw that the other horses in the stable were all fat, shiny, and well fed, while this date red horse was thin, lacking in care, and ate stale grass.  She could not help feeling injustice in her heart.

She never thought that she would be this lucky and picked this kind of rare horse.

“Horse, oh, horse, how about you come with me in the future?”  She patted the horse’s head.

The date red horse gave a whiney, as if it could understand what she was saying.

“A good horse understands human nature.  This horse has already recognized you as its master, so you’ll never be able to get rid of it.”  Mo Chuan looked at her with a meaningful gaze.

He was feeling a little confused in his heart.  This kind of good horse was something that a normal person would never have, so where did this girl find this kind of rare horse?

It was a good thing that this mystery would be solved soon.

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