Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 196

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Chapter 196: A promise worth a thousand gold

Assassins like this were vengeful, cold blooded, and quick to draw their blades.  She was actually being quite audacious, daring to ask an assassin to be her bodyguard!

Her head must have been kicked in for her to have this kind of stupid idea!

“He, he, he, about that……That, young master Mo, just pretend I said nothing.  This has been a wonderful time and I hope we can meet again.”

It was like Chen Ning was sitting on needles as she quickly stood up and turned to leave.

After leaving the room, she secretly took a glance back.  She saw Mo Chuan sitting there with no expressions on his face, just a cold look in his eyes.

She shuddered once again and quickly left.

Holding the date red horse, she quickly walked away.  Chen Ning finally felt some warmth returning to her body.

So close!

She was almost kidnapped by an assassin.

She stuck out her tongue.  Then she suddenly felt a chill run down her back, like a cold wind blowing behind her.

“It can’t be that Mo Chuan followed after me, right?”  She muttered.

She turned around and her face turned dark.

Mo Chuan’s tall and elegant figure appeared in her eyes, standing less than a meter away from her.

“He, he, what a coincidence.  Young master Mo, I never thought that I would see you again so soon.  Are you going this way?  I am going on that road and we are going in different ways, so let’s say our goodbyes.”

Chen Ning smiled as she greeted him and then she turned to leave.

She took the other fork in the road and after taking several steps, she looked back to find that Mo Chuan was silently following behind her.

Seeing her stop, Mo Chuan also stood still.  A pair of deep eyes looked at her.

“Young master Mo, is this also the way to your house?”

Chen Ning did not keep moving

Mo Chuan slightly shook his head, but he did not speak.

“What is your reason for coming with me?”

A faint smile appeared in his eyes.

“Miss has asked for my help and I’ve agreed.”

“What?  You…..You’re agreeing to be my bodyguard?”  Chen Ning’s eyes suddenly opened wide as if she was doubting her ears.

For an assassin like this with power and money, and having this kind of aloo temperament, how could he be willing to be her bodyguard?

Unless the matter he needs help with is very troublesome and difficult.

It’s over!  This time a hot potato has fallen in her hands.

“That’s right.”  Mo Chuan nodded.

“……”  Chen Ning was speechless.  She really wanted to ask, could she go back on this promise?”

She did not want him as her bodyguard at all right now, because having him at her side was like keeping a bomb around.  Who knew if he wouldn’t cut her head off or Chu Shao Yang’s head off if he felt unhappy.

No, no, this is too dangerous!

“Young master Mo, do you…..want to consider it first?”  Chen Ning spoke in a discussing tone, “After thinking about it, I feel like my proposal was too bold and too disrespectful.  For someone of your skills, how could you be willing to become my bodyguard?  How about this, for the favour you wish of me, I’ll do it.  As for the favour I asked from you, let’s forget about it and pretend I never said anything, alright?”

“No.”  Mo Chuan shook his head.

“Why not?”  Chen Ning began to think about it.  She had already agreed to help him for free, so what else did he want?

Mo Chuan took a step forward.  He was very tall, so he had to look down to stare at her.  Chen Ning could not see through his deep and dark eyes at all.

He slowly said, “Your problem, is my problem.  I will help you with your request.  My, Mo Chuan’s words are promises worth a thousand gold!”

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