Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 198

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Chapter 198: Known on the streets

“We’re here, this is where I live.”

Chen Ning had brought Mo Chuan to the palace’s back door and then she noticed that Mo Chuan suddenly stopped.  He was looking at the buildings and courtyards covered in the dusk light as his deep eyes revealed a puzzled look.

“This is your house?”  He sucked in a cold breath.

“This can can’t be considered my home, just somewhere I am living right now.”  Chen Ning nodded and asked, “What’s wrong?”

She indeed only treated this as a residence and had never considered it her home.  One day would come when she would leave this place.

“Isn’t this place the King Ding Yuan palace?”  Mo Chuan’s voice seemed like it was a bit cold.

“That’s right.”  Chen Ning pursed her lips into a smile.  Her smile seemed to contain a bit of sarcasm, “I never thought that you would recognize the King Ding Yuan palace with a single glance.  It seems like Chu Shao Yang can be considered a famous person in the capital.”

“Chu Shao Yang……Who is he to you?”  Mo Chuan’s voice was even colder as his deep eyes fell onto her face.

He remembered that the maid beside her called her young miss, but she lived in the King Ding Yuan palace.


When did the King Ding Yuan palace have a young miss?  Why did he not know about this!”

“Chu Shao Yang?”  He isn’t anyone to me.  He and I have no relations at all.”  Chen Ning shrugged as she spoke in an uncaring manner.

In her heart, Chu Shao Yang was indeed a stranger.  She was just a wandering soul from the modern era and had no relations to Chu Shao Yang at all.

Mo Chuan’s eyes was tightly staring at her.  When he heard her finish, he suddenly let out a sigh of relief.

He could see that she was telling the truth.

“Then why are you living here?”  His heart was filled with curiosity.

The King Ding Yuan was not a place normal people could casually enter!

“Alright, since we’re already at this point, I’ll just tell you the truth.  Actually, my current identity is the King Ding Yuan palace’s legal princess.”  Chen Ning said this and was prepared to see Mo Chuan’s shocked expression.

She never wanted to hid this from him.  As long as he did not ask, she would not mention it.

Mo Chuan indeed suffered a large shock, but he did not show any expressions on his face at all.  Chen Ning only heard him take in a breath of cold air.

“You are the Country Protecting Duke, Chen Family’s young miss – Chen Ning!”  Mo Chuan stared at her as he slowly said this.

His eyes turned solemn and in the fading dusk light, Chen Ning realized that she could not understand what his eyes meant.

“Yi, you even know my name, not bad.  I am Chen Ning.  I never thought that my, Chen Ning’s name would become known on the street, this is truly a happy event worth celebrating.”

Chen Ning pursed her lips into a self depreciating smile.

She knew that after appearing in the wedding hall, there would definitely rumours spread about her.

This was the so called, good things aren’t known, but bad things are sent thousands of miles.

Probably in the capital city, from the emperor to the beggars on the street, there was no one that did not know that the King Ding Yuan palace’s legal princess was uglier than a hag.

But she did not care about this at all.  If everyone laughed at her, then it would be Chu Shao Yang’s reputation that was hurt!

Mo Chuan found it hard to control the shock he felt deep down.  He still looked at her with a gaze of disbelief.

How could she possibly be that rumoured idiot young miss!

From the impression he had, he had never seen a more pure hearted and intelligent girl than her.  If she really was an idiot, then every girl in the world would be considered idiots!

So, it was impossible!

“You are not Chen Ning.”  He calmly asserted.

Chen Ning smiled as she tilted her head and looked at him.  She found it funny as she said, “Chen Ning is not some celebrity, so do I have a reason to pretend to be her?  What do I gain from pretending to be her?  As for whether I am Chen Ning or not, wouldn’t you know after entering the palace?”

After she said this, she took out a token from her chest and handed it over to the guards by the door.

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