Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 195

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Chapter 195: Killing someone in ten steps

“What do you want me to help you with?”  Mo Chuan asked.

He was very smart and did not agree right away.

“I’ve met a bit of trouble, so I wish to ask young master Mo to protect me for a while.”  Chen Ning met his gaze and did not look away.

She knew that Mo Chuan was not someone who trusted others easily.  The more honest she was and the more straightforward she was, the easier it was to gain his trust.

“Trouble?  What trouble?”  Mo Chuan thought about how she had suddenly appeared in the downtown area with the runaway horse and his brows slightly knit together, “There is someone that wants to hurt you?”

“Correct!”  Chen Ning patted the table and had a smile on her face as she spoke.

“Tell me that their name is.  No matter who it is, I will make them disappear.”  Mo Chuan said in a gentle voice.

A trace of coldness and killing intent flashed in his eyes as his slender fingers unconsciously began to slowly tighten.

Chen Ning’s heart skipped a beat.

He spoke in such a domineering manner!

Without strong confidence, he would not say this kind of domineering words.

“But I don’t want him to die yet.”  She shook her head while revealing a faint smile.

“Why?”  He revealed his confusion.

There was someone that wanted to kill her, but she continued to smile.  Who was this person?”

“This is a long story and I’ll slowly tell you everything when there is time.  This is my condition, I wonder if young master Mo is willing to accept this or not?  You have saved me, so of course I should be helping you unconditionally, but if I were to die, then I’m afraid I have no way of helping young master Mo, am I right?”  She just smiled at him, like he had no choice but to accept this condition.

Mo Chuan was silent for a bit.

He finally understood what she meant.

She wanted him to follow by her side and protect her!

This was simply…..too funny!

He did not want to reject her proposal.  This girl actually did not know who he was, yet she dared to give him this kind of audacious proposal!

His eyebrows raised as if he was about to fly into a rage.

“Ai, ai, ai, if young master Mo has something to say, then say it nicely, there is no need for anger.  If you are not happy with this, then of course I can’t force you to do anything.”  Chen Ning said before he could fly into a rage.

His killing intent was incredibly thick.  She felt a cold chill run down her back as her skin was covered in goosebumps.

Mo Chuan took in a breath and suppressed the anger in his heart.  Then he slowly said, “I only know how to kill.  I don’t know how to protect others.”

“Kill?”  Chen Ning’s eyes narrowed and she blurted out, “Then you are an assassin?”

No wonder he was able to release this kind of cold aura and this killing intent, it was like this!

The assassin job was one of the oldest jobs in the human history.

Chen Ning’s mind was filled with poems describing assassins.

For example:  The wind is filled with coldness and a warrior will never return!

Also: Killing one with ten steps, no one left in a thousand miles!

The corner of Mo Chuan’s eye twitched.

Alright, it’s fine if she thinks I’m an assassin.

This was probably the best cover to hide his true identity anyway.

“Perhaps.”  He casually said.

The more ambiguous his words were, the more she would draw her own conclusions.

Chen Ning suddenly felt a cold chill above her and the room’s temperature dropped by several degrees.  It made all the poems about assassins in her mind disappear.

Those were all descriptions from books and now there was a real life assassin in front of her!

Those legendary assassins that saw no blood and one could never escape from!

She stroked her arm and felt that it was covered in goosebumps!

Well, it seemed like her previous premonition was right.  He was full of trouble and was someone she should not mess with.

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  1. joellyanne says:

    The ML is very mysterious, but he way he thinks about himself seems to be that he is someone very important or a VIP that if CN would know who he really is then she would not have the audacity to asked him for this favor. It could be he is a top government official? Thanks for this chapter.

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    I believe he is the emperor 😆

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