Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: Good looking, tasty, and nice to listen to

The man’s eyes just stared at her.

She did not eat in a dignified manner, but it was very natural.  He could not help being attracted to her appearance.

She was like like an innocent child.  She ate with a smile on her face, looking like she enjoyed it a lot.  It was as if she was eating the most delicious thing in the world right now.

Seeing her eat like this, he suddenly felt hungry!

He could not help secretly swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

When he came back to his senses, he noticed that more than half of the egg on the plate was gone.

He still had not had a taste of this delicious thing yet.  If he didn’t make a move, then he wouldn’t be able to have a taste at all.

The black clothed man just stared at Chen Ning.  Did this girl not understand the meaning of the word humble?

Chen Ning finally looked up at him.  She said in strange voice, “Young master, is there something on my face?  Why do you keep staring at me without eating?”


It’s not that I’m not eating, it’s just the dish is being completely eaten by you!

The man’s eyes looked over at the little silver knife in Chen Ning’s hands.

Chen Ning suddenly realized her mistake and placed the little silver knife in front of him.  She pursed her lips into a smile and said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

The black clothed man picked up the silver knife and gracefully cut off a small piece of the egg.  Putting it in his mouth, he slowly began to chew.

He was much more graceful when eating compare to Chen Ning.  Every action he made showed his high class education.

He sat with a straight posture while chewing every bite of food before swallowing it down.  He did not make a single sound while chewing his food.

Chen Ning leaned against her chin as she observed his actions.  All this told her that the black clothed man had to come from an extraordinary background.

The waiter brought up two dishes this time.  It was the squirrel mandarin fish and a sweet soup.

The squirrel mandarin fish was not a real squirrel, it just had a strange appearance.  The meat was nice and tender and it tasted sweet and sour.  For the black clothed man’s skilled tongue, it received a single evaluation, “Not bad.”

What really surprised him was the sweet soup.  The soup itself was sweet and there were snow white sweet scent osmanthus petals on top with several red cherries inside the soup.  He lifted up one of the cherries to his mouth and gently bit into it, letting out a clear “gezhi” sound.

The black clothed man was surprised.  Biting into it two more times, the “ge, gezhi” sound rang out twice.

His eyes filled with a smile.  He looked over at Chen Ning, “Are the cherries crystallized in rock sugar?”

Chen Ning giggled as she nodded.  She put several cherries in her mouth and like peanuts, they let out a clear sound.

These four dishes were things she accidentally found in a book, but she never thought that the Tai He Floor’s chef would be able to make them.  The fact that they would be this delicious was beyond her expectations.

“It really is a soup that is good locking, tasty, and nice to listen to.  This miss’ wonderful ideas are truly admirable.”

The man placed down the soup and let out a gentle exhale.  His eyes were filled with a bit more appreciation as he looked at Chen Ning.

Not only had these dishes pleased his eyes, it had also pleased his appetite.

“We’ve finished eating, so if young master money has some business with me, then can you speak about it now?”  Chen Ning was too lazy to play around with him, so she directly asked him this question.

She had heard Xiao Ru continue to call him lots of money and now she also began to call him young master money.

“This one is not surnamed money.”  The black clothed man could not help curling his lips.

Does this girl really think he’s a fool with a lot of money?

“Yi, then what is young master money’s surname?”  Chen Ning did not mind this and asked this question.

“…..”  The black clothed man’s lips curled once again.

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