Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 194

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Chapter 194: Surname and given name

Chen Ning realized that it was unreasonable to ask this question after asking it, so she could not help revealing an apologetic smile to the black clothed man.

“Mo.”  The black clothed man treated his words like gold.

“So, it’s young master Mo.”  Chen Ning looked at the man’s black clothing.  She couldn’t help that him liking to wear black clothing was because he was surnamed Mo.

[TL Note: Mo means ink.]

“The friend of scholars and where scholars gather, young master Mo truly has a good surnamed.  Moreover, people are like their surname and a single glance at you tells me that you definitely have a love for poetry and music.”  Chen Ning out of habit, analyzed his surname.

She remembered that she was the one who asked him, so she began to praise him.

The black clothed man could not help smiling.

“My given name is Chuan.”  He intentionally said.

“Wu, your surname is good and your given name is also good.  The river does not stop flowing, right into the ocean.  This “Chuan” means an endless wave and combined with young master’s surname, it is to represent one’s academic success to be like the ocean itself.  Young master Mo must be a genius who loves to read and write!”  Chen Ning did not hesitate to say all of this.

The tea that Mo Chuan was drinking was almost spat out.

This girl’s mouth was quite powerful.  Her body seemed like it was covered in spikes, giving pain to anyone that messed with her.

But the way she praised others really could fill others full of happiness.

Even though he knew that she was just saying this, it still made him feel quite good.  His eyes were filled with happiness as he asked, “Then what is this miss’ surname and given name?”

Once he said this, he was filled with regret.

This miss’ surname, was this something he could ask about?

Naturally Chen Ning shook her head and said, “About this, it isn’t convenient for me to tell you.”

Not only was Mo Chuan not angry, he instead let out a sigh of relief.  He was secretly regretting his offensive actions.

“Young master Mo, this is the third time that we have met and the second time you have saved me.  We are even having a meal together again, so we can’t be considered strangers.  If you have anything you wish to say, then please say it.  You finding me must mean you have something you need help with, right?”

As Mo Chuan was thinking about what to say, Chen Ning suddenly looked at him and those clear eyes shining like stars seemed like they could see through him.

He was a little surprised, but slowly nodded.

This girl really had a pair of eyes that could see through others.

He did not make a mistake!

“There is no outsider here, so if young master Mo has something to say, then please say it?”  Chen Ning looked away, no longer locking gazes with him.

His eyes were bottomless, just like the unpredictable deep sea.  When she locked gazes with him, she felt a giant pressure push down on her.

“There are many people here.”  He said this and said nothing else.

He looked around them, making his meaning very clear.

Chen Ning suddenly realized something.  She had thought that this place was isolated, but for a master of internal energy like Mo Chuan, his hearing would definitely be better than normal people.  If there was a master with the same amount of internal strength as him, then they would be able to hear what was being said.

It could be seen that the matter Mo Chuan needed her help with was very confidential.

What is it?

Chen Ning’s curiosity was piqued.

“Alright, I’ll promise you.”  Her eyebrows relaxed as she looked up with a smile.

“You aren’t asking what it is and are agreeing this easily?”  Mo Chuan was a little surprised.

“You do not seem like someone that would easily ask for help.  If you are asking me for help, that means you believe in my power to help you, but the problem is whether I’ll agree or not.  I’ll promise you now, but in return, I want young master Mo to help me with a favour.”

It had to be said, Chen Ning’s words was a perfect representation of what Mo Chuan was thinking.

He could not conceal the surprise in his eyes.

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