Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 192

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Chapter 192: Phoenix’s egg

It’s gone.

The black clothed man looked at the empty nest and he could not help secretly swallowing a mouthful of saliva.  He had just had a taste of the phoenix’s nest and his appetite had been stimulated, so now he was actually feeling hungry.

“Gu, lu, lu.”

A strange sound suddenly sounded out.

Chen Ning and the black clothed man were both stunned.

Then the black clothed man quickly looked to the side and tightly clenched his fist hidden in his sleeve.

Damn, this stomach going against him!

His ears quickly began to burn and this was the first time in his life he felt this kind of embarrassment.

It doesn’t really matter if his stomach cries out, but crying out in front of young girl like Chen Ning, he couldn’t stop his ears from turning red with embarrassment.

Chen Ning’s eyes filled with joy.

She never thought that a cold person like the black clothed man could actually act shy like this.

For a small matter like his stomach crying out, he was actually so embarrassed that his ears turned red.  This was truly interesting.

Even if it was funny, Chen Ning did not dare to laugh.  With the black clothed man’s temper and how decisively he acted, she was not his match at all.

She could only look around and pretend not to notice.

“Why hasn’t the waiter brought the next dish yet?  My stomach is already grumbling.”

After Chen Ning said this, the black clothed man did not feel that embarrassed anymore.  His red ears slowly went back to normal.

“Dear customers, we’ve made you wait.  The egg is here!”

A loud voice rang out.  The waiter came in holding a large plate in both hands with a cover over the plate itself.

After trying the phoenix’s nest, the black clothed man was looking forward to this egg.

But when the waiter lifted the cover, the anticipation in his eyes turned into disappointment.

This was the egg?!

On the white porcelain plate, there were a few peeled eggs.  Although they were a little bigger than normal, there was nothing special about them at all.

The waiter had gotten the cold shoulder last time with the black clothed man.  This time, he just placed the dish down and left without saying anything.

“Miss, this is the egg created from your recipe?”

The black clothed man carefully inspect the egg from top to bottom, left to right, but he could not find anything special about it at all.  It couldn’t even compare with the phoenix’s nest from earlier.

He was even suspecting whether the waiter had sent up a fake egg to them.

“Wu, perhaps it could be a fake egg.  Should we cut it open and take a look?”

Chen Ning saw the confused look in his eyes and smiled as she picked up the little silver knife.  She gently made a cut in the egg and split it in two.

A surprising smell was released.

The black clothed man couldn’t help taking in a deep whiff.  This fragrance was even better than the phoenix’s nest and he suddenly wanted to try it.

His eyes looked at the plate and saw that the two halves of the egg had a gorgeous colour to it.  There was red, orange, and yellow layered in the center, just like a young phoenix lying inside the egg.

“This is exquisitely beautiful and absolutely creative!”  The black clothed man couldn’t help praising it.

Chen Ning smiled without saying anything.  She carefully cut a small piece off and placed it in her mouth.

She only remembered the recipe for this dish and had never tried it before.  She never thought that the chef of the Tai He Floor would be this skilled and would be able to perfectly recreate this legendary egg dish.


It really is delicious!

Chen Ning gave a satisfied sigh.  She could not help quickly cutting off piece after piece and putting it into her mouth.  In the blink of an eye, she had already eaten half of it.

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