Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 185

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Chapter 185: Runaway horse

The horse track fence was as high as a person and normal horses had no way of jumping over it.  Even the most well trained and best at jumping jade flower would not dare to try jumping this high fence.

But that date red horse had jumped over it!

The horse groom continued to rub his eyes as he did not dare to believe what he witnessed.

Xiao Ru let go of him and began running in the direction that Chen Ning had disappeared in.  She was crying and running as she shouted, “Young miss!  You have to be fine young miss!  Young miss!”

Chen Ning of course couldn’t hear her cries.  Right now, she had already been taken several hundred meters away by the date red horse.

When the date red horse charged at the fence, her heart almost jumped out of her chest.  Without a chance of escaping, in this life or death situation, this date red horse suddenly jumped up over the fence.  Landing on the ground, it did not stop and ran into the streets.

“Horse, oh, horse, you almost scared me to death.  Can you be obedient and stop?”

Chen Ning was completely frightened.  She patted the horse’s ear as she spoke, hoping to calm the horse down.

She guessed that after this date red horse came to the horse track, it had been looked down on and never had a chance to run around.  So once it had the chance to show off, of course it would be high spirited.

But right now it was not running one the empty horse track, but rather the crowded streets.

She desperately wanted to slow the horse down, but at this moment, there was a boy throwing firecrackers at the end of the street and he coincidentally threw it under the horse’s hooves.

With a “peng” sound, the date red horse was scared and began to run faster like it was flying away.

This is bad, the horse was scared!

Chen Ning knew the thing horses were scared of the most was being surprised.  It would not care which direction it rushed out in or if there were any bystanders in its way, it would even charge off a cliff if there was one in front of it.

“Move!  Everyone move away!  There’s a runaway horse!”

She began to scream from the back of the horse.

The horse continued gaining speed and the people on the street quickly dodged out of the way.  There were many cries of shock and fear.

Chen Ning forcefully gritted her teeth and desperately pulled on the reins, but the horse did not stop as it continued to charge out into the crowd.

It’s over!

Chen Ning knew that if they crashed into the crowd, it would be unknown how many people would suffer, but she could not help it since she could not control the date red horse at all.

Right at this critical moment, a black figure suddenly jumped out and appeared right in front of the date red horse.

Seeing that he was about to be sent flying by the horse, the people on the side gave surprised cries as they covered their eyes.

Chen Ning couldn’t help taking in a cold breath, but she saw that man slowly reach out to grab the horse’s reins and his left palm patting the horse’s head.

The date red horse’s front legs bent and it kneeled on the ground.

Chen Ning was thrown of the horse by it suddenly stopping and that black clothed man flew into the sky to catch her.  Then he turned a few times in the air to get rid of the remaining force.  His martial arts was very good as he floated down to the ground while carrying her.

The black clothed man had stopped the horse to save everyone.  This series of shocking movements happened in a matter of mere seconds.

In just a blink of an eye for everyone, the black clothed man had already stopped the horse.  The crowd immediately broke out in a thunderous applause.

The black clothed man ignored them and a pair of deep eyes stared at Chen Ning.  There was no expression on his face at all.

“Miss, are you alright?”  His voice was like trickling water, very melodious to listen to.

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