Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 184

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Chapter 184: The young miss is gone

“Chu Shao Yang, you bastard!”

As Chen Ning cursed out, she heard the date red horse gave a whiney.  Its legs ran as fast as it could and in a blink of an eye, it had left Chu Shao Yang behind it.

The wind whistled by her ears and there were several times where she almost fell off.  It was a good thing that she was tightly gripping the saddle with her lower body which allowed her to avoid her doom.

If she fell off a galloping horse like this, if she didn’t die, she would still be heavily injured.

Chen Ning already forgot about cursing Chu Shao Yang.  Right now, she was fully focused on keeping her balance and not falling off the horse.

With the way the date red horse was running, it felt like it was flying away.  Chen Ning did not know whether to laugh or cry while sitting on the horse’s back, but this feeling was truly exciting.

She did not know whether to be happy that she chose a good horse or if she should complain about this horse being too fast.

Chu Shao Yang stopped jade flower as he narrowed his eyes and watched the date red horse flying across the track.  He was also paying attention to the shaking sky blue figure that seemed liked it would fall off the horse at any moment.

He did not expect that this ugly woman would have such good luck.  She was actually able to find this kind of rare horse.

This short and thin date red horse was actually running even faster than his jade flower horse.

“Your highness, please save the young miss, save the princess consort.  She’s about to fall off the horse!  Your highness, please!  Please save her!”

Xiao Ru ran over and kneeled down in front of the horse.  She was crying as she begged with tears covering her face.  She was crying so much that she was slowly choking.

Chu Shao Yang sat high up on his horse not even looking at Xiao Ru.  His lips curled as he casually said, “What are you afraid of, she won’t die.  The eldest princess wants this kind to teach her how to ride a horse, so who has never fallen off when learning to ride?  Falling off a few times will help her learn faster.”

“Your highness, the young miss is your princess!  Are you really that willing to see her die in front of your eyes?”  Xiao Ru choked up as she looked at Chu Shao Yang with a face covered in tears.

“If she really dies, then this king will give her a grand burial.”

Chu Shao Yang gave a cold laugh and turned his horse around, not looking at Chen Ning anymore.  He lead the horse back to the stable and jumped off the horse in a very smooth manner.

He patted the dust off his clothes and patted his hands together before casually leaving the horse track.

His cold and ruthless words were carried on the wind, all of it reaching Chen Ning’s ears.

“You want me to die?  In your dreams!”  Chen Ning gritted her teeth so hard that they almost cracked.

She lowered her body and tightly attached herself to the horse’s back, gripping onto its neck.  No matter what, she would not let herself fall off.

The red date horse began to run faster, charging into the fence of the horse track.  In that moment, Xiao Ru’s heart almost jumped out of her chest as she tightly shut her eyes and shouted, “It’s over!”

The young miss is dead!

“Oh god, how could this be possible!”

She only heard the horse groom take in a cold breath and she quickly opened her eyes again.  She discovered that the red date horse and the young miss had disappeared.

“Young miss!  My young miss!”

Xiao Ru grabbed the horse groom’s collar as she shouted with red eyes.

The horse groom looked at the fence with a terrified look as he pointed over at it.  He swallowed a mouthful of saliva before saying, “The, the princess’ horse jumped over the fence and charged…..outside.”

He felt like he was in a dream as his face filled with disbelief.  He just muttered, “It’s impossible, how could it be possible?  There’s something wrong with my eyes, there has to be something wrong with my eyes!”

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