Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 186

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Chapter 186: There really is destiny

Chen Ning had just escaped from death and had recovered from her shock.  She looked at the man who had saved her and met gazes with the black clothed man.

“It’s you!”  She gently cried out.

This black clothed man who had jumped out at the critical moment to stop the horse and save her was lots of money!

“You recognize me?”  The black clothed man’s eyes sparkled and a trace of surprise appeared.  Then there was a trace of killing intent that flashed in his eyes.

Chen Ning felt his arms tighten as they held her and noticed the killing intent in his eyes, immediately understanding what was going on.

“I don’t know you!”  She turned her head and looked away from him.

She did not know where the veil had disappeared to and now her red spot covered face was completely revealed.

She knew that this black clothed man would not recognize her.

It was good because she did not want to interact with him anymore.

“So it’s you.  Miss, we meet again.”  The black clothed man suddenly said.  His eyes sparkled as he recognized her.

He could not remember what she looked like, but he deeply remembered those clear and sparkling eyes.

It was her eyes that he had remembered in his mind after seeing it just once, never forgetting them.

But since the restaurant, he had not met her again.

Only god knows that in order to find her, he had almost completely turned the entire capital upside down.

The pitiful Xiao Si was still guarding the street where they had set up their fortune telling stand.  It was estimated that he had turned to stone already.

He never would have thought that he would coincidentally meet save her today.

Was this destiny planned by the heavens?

“He, he, that’s right, we meet again.  It seems like we really have destiny between us.”  Chen Ning giggled as she turned her head back.

Since he had recognized her, she could not keep pretending to not know him, after all, he had given her a bag of gold.  If she continued to pretend not to recognize him, would he mistakenly think that she wanted to keep his gold?


The black clothed man seemed like he did not like to talk much and just nodded.  After putting her down, his eyes looked over at the date red horse and he praised, “Good horse!”

The date red horse had been beaten into kneeling, but it was not hurt at all.  It came up beside Chen Ning and rubbed up against her.  It continued to lick her face as if it was apologizing.

Although Chen Ning had almost lost her life to this horse, she knew that it was not its fault.  Everything was all because of Chu Shao Yang’s whip.

Chu Shao Yang!  Bastard!

She began cursing him in her heart.

Not only had he almost taken her life with this whip, he had almost taken the lives of innocent bystanders.

If it wasn’t for the black clothed man coming to stop the horse, then it would be hard to imagine the consequences.

When Chen Ning thought about it, her body was covered in cold sweat.

“Thank you.  Not only have you saved me, you have saved the innocent.”  Chen Ning raised her head and sincerely thanked the black clothed man.

The black clothed man was stunned as he stared at her face with a shocked look on his face.

“You…..You….”  He let out a long breath and then knit his brows together, “Why did you make your face look that strange way from before?”

“What’s wrong with my face?”  Chen Ning reached out to touch it and felt that it was moist.  Then she realized that the red coloured makeup on her face had been licked off by the date red horse.

The makeup released a sweet smell, so it was no wonder the horse liked to lick her face.

“Hey!  What are you doing eating my makeup and leaving me with a face full of spit?  It’s very dirty don’t you know!”  She angrily patted down the date red horse’s head.

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