Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 183

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Chapter 183: Not caring about him

Chen Ning had to admit that Chu Shao Yang really deserved to be beaten.

But she was not angry and just smiled as she said, “This horse is quite good, how about you give it to me?”

“Give it to you?  Why should I?”  Chu Shao Yang replied with this question.

This horse was just like mouse poop fallen in a good pot of soup, he did not care about it at all, but if Chen Ning wanted it, then he would not give it to her.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to give it to me, you stingy man.  Then can this princess at least ride it?”  Chen Ning gave a nonchalant shrug.

“Do you know how to ride a horse?  Chu Shao Yang looked at her.

“I don’t, but can’t I just learn?”  Chen Ning gave a very hearty laugh.  Under this clear sky and beautiful field, she felt that everything was very beautiful, but of course that did not include the man in front of her.

“Very good.  Horse groom, teach her how to mount the horse.”

Chu Shao Yang gave a cold laugh and crossed his arms while standing there.  He looked like he was watching a great joke.

She did not want Chu Shao Yang to teach her anyway and she had no use for the horse groom.

She closed her eyes and silently recalled the basics of horse riding from her mind.  After opening her eyes, she revealed a sweet smile to the red date horse.

“Horse, oh, horse, you better be obedient.  If you kick me off, I won’t give you any more dumplings.”  She patted the horse’s head.

It was unknown if the horse understood her or not, but it gave a strong whiney.

“Chi!”  Chu Shao Yang gave a cold laugh, “You’re treating it as a human and pretending like it can understand you!”

Chen Ning was too lazy to care about him.  She grabbed the horse saddle and her left foot went into the stirrup.  Flying in the air, she landed on the back of the horse, doing this very quickly and gracefully.

Although the way she mounted was very beautiful, Chu Shao Yang could see that she did not know how to ride a horse at all.

Humph, he would watch as she fell off the horse and broke her butt!

Who would have thought that he would be disappointed.

Chen Ning grabbed onto the saddles and gently flicked it once.  The date red horse began to move, slowly moving forward, going around once, twice……The date red horse began to increase speed until it was jogging and then it began to run.

The horse’s hooves kicked off against the green grass.  Her sky blue hunting robe fluttered in the wind, making her look very valiant as she rode her horse.

Xiao Ru was stunned seeing this.  Then she began to clap and cheer for Chen Ning.

“Young miss, you’re truly beautiful!”  She sincerely shouted.

Beautiful my ass!

Chu Shao Yang angrily cursed in his mind.

Although he was a little shocked by Chen Ning mounting the horse and looking at her made his eyes light up, when she was riding the horse, the wind blew against the veil on her face and revealed her face covered in little red spots.  He felt uncomfortable with a single glance and quickly turned around, not looking at her again.

This ugly monster really has good luck, not being kicked off by the horse!

He walked over to the jade flower horse shed without another word.  Mounting the horse, he looked even more beautiful than Chen Ning did.

The jade flower horse was really worthy of being a special horse picked out by him.  It ran like lightning and in a short while, it had already caught up to Chen Ning.

When Chen Ning heard the sound of horse hooves coming from behind her, she turned her head to seen Chu Shao Yang’s cold face.  He had no expressions on his face as he charged after her.

This cheap man wouldn’t be thinking of harming her, right?

Her mind went on guard and she prepared to pull on the reins, making the date red horse stop.

But at that moment, Chu Shao Yang had already caught up.  He pulled out a whip and smacked it against the date red horse’s butt.

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