Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 182

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Chapter 182: Very suitable

Chen Ning giggled and moved out of the way.  She did not want the horse tongue to lick off her makeup.

That horse groom was completely stunned.

This bad tempered horse was actually reined in by Chen Ning with just two dumplings?  This was simply unbelievable.

Of course Chen Ning had been prepared.  Although she had never ridden a horse, she had read books on the best method to make an unfamiliar horse like her and the best method was to give it what it likes.

Horses were innately sensitive to sweet things and loved to eat sweets, so she had prepared a bag of dumplings.  Surely enough, the date red horse immediately accepted her.

Like the legendary thousand li horse, it would be the most loyal to its first master.  Since the red date horse had already licked her face, it had already recognized her as its master.  Others had tried to feed the horse before, but it had not ended as well as it did with her.

Chen Ning put the saddle on the horse and tightly tightened it around the horse’s stomach.  The red date horse was very obedient, silently allowing her to put the saddle on him.  Seeing this, the groom’s chin almost fell off.

What Chen Ning did not know was that while this date red horse was the smallest and most inconspicuous horse, it was also the horse with the fiercest temper.  It had never let anyone get close and did not even like living with other horses.

The groom was too lazy to care about it and just put it in a stable by itself.  He would feed it when he remembered it and would pour a bucket of water on it if it ever got dirty, letting it fend for itself.

No one had expected that such a bad tempered horse would catch the princess’ eye!

It really is the horse represents its master.

The princess consort was ugly and the horse she picked was also ugly.

They had all heard about how ugly the princess consort was already.  When his highness was marrying the concubine consort, the princess had appeared and shocked all the guests that had attended.  Even now, that matter was something that everyone gossiped and laughed about.

Chen Ning had affectionately hugged the horse for a while which made Xiao Ru come over out of curiosity.  She had never ridden a horse before and when she saw that this horse was being very gentle to Chen Ning, she stretched out her hand to pat its main.

“Be careful!”

Xiao Ru had not even touched the horse’s back yet and the red date hore suddenly gave a whiney.  Xiao Ru quickly drew her hand back in fright.

“You shouldn’t touch it yet, it is still unfamiliar with you.  Let me bond with it for a few days, then you can try getting closer with it.”  Chen Ning smiled as she pulled Xiao Ru behind her.

Xiao Ru stuck her tongue out at the red date horse and made a face.

“What are you angry for!  You’re this ugly and you’re this fierce!  Young miss, this servant thinks this horse is uglier than the other ones, so why are you insistent on picking it?”  Xiao Ru had a confused look on her face.

“Picking horses isn’t about beauty or how heroic it looks.  You might think this horse is ugly, but in my opinion, it is quite a treasured horse.”

Chen Ning lovingly stroked the horse’s mane.

“Chi!  This is considered a treasured horse?  You really are a person that has never seen the world before!”

Suddenly, a cold laugh filled with contempt sounded out behind Chen Ning.

She turned around to see Chu Shao Yang standing three meters behind her.  He was wearing a black robe which made him look very heroic.  The bruises on his face had faded by a half and he began to recover his beautiful as jade appearance.

He had a face of ridicule as he looked at the red date horse and then coldly looked at Chen Ning before saying.

“Very suitable!”

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