Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 181

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Chapter 181: Catering to one’s wishes

If he wanted to do something, he had to do it without leaving a trace and not revealing the slightest flaw at all.

He would introduce the princess to the three horses first and if they princess likes them and takes them out for a ride, in turn angering his highness……Then it would not be related to him.

If his highness was offended, then the fault would be on the princess consort since she was the one that rode the horse.

Like this, he would be able to accomplish the concubine consort’s orders and take care of himself.

It was a pity that his plan had all been for naught.

Of the three horses, Chen Ning did not like a single one.

The groom shut his mouth.

He obediently followed behind Chen Ning and then saw her arrive in front of a small date red coloured horse.

“I want this one.”  Chen Ning smiled as she nodded at the red horse.

The groom complied, but his heart was filled with contempt.

There were many good and strong horses that she did not pick.  In the end, she picked this short, ugly, and weak horse.

This date red horse was purchased by his highness three years after hearing about a prized jade horse.  When he saw that it wasn’t that great of a horse, he had the groom pay it attention.

If it wasn’t for the fact his highness loved horses, this small and thin date red horse would have been slaughtered for meat already.

In these three years, Chu Shao Yang had never even looked at this date red horse, so it did not even have a saddle.  If just stood there in the stable listlessly eating grass, sometimes swinging its tail back and forth.

Its fur was sparse and had no shine to it.  Compared to the other horse that Chen Ning had just seen, it was like heaven and earth.

It could be seen that it had not obtained Chu Shao Yang’s favour and had even been neglected by the horse groom, not paying it any attention.

Chen Ning stood in front of it and inspected it some more, slowly liking it even more.

The groom brought over a saddle and went in to put it on the date red horse.  He never would have expected that it would kick out and send him flying.

“You beast, you damn beast!”  The groom fell to the ground and then began to curse.

He quickly got up and pulled out a whip to use on the date red horse.

With a “shua” sound, the whip did not land on the horse, but rather it landed on his face and he felt stunned.

Looking down, he found that Chen Ning had grabbed his hand holding the whip.

“This is horse I prefer, so are you allowed to hit it and curse at it?”  Chen Ning gripped the whip and threw it to the ground as she stared at the groom with a cold gaze.

She bent down and picked up the saddle, preparing to personally put it on the horse.

The groom had suffered a hit from the whip and his face burned with pain.  He just watched her, hoping that Chen Ning would suffer the same fate.

When the date red horse saw Chen Ning approach, it suddenly became very excited.  Its back hooves went into the air as it suddenly became very friendly.

“Yi, this really is a horse with character.”

Chen Ning smiled as she praised it.  She didn’t hurry to put the saddle on, but instead she took out a dumpling from clothes and placed it in her palm, then she stretched her hand out.

The date red horse gave a neigh and came close to sniff it.  After giving it a test lick, it began to happily eat it and soon it was completely gone.  The horse had not had enough and it licked Chen Ning’s palm making it feel very itchy.

Chen Ning began to laugh as she took out two more dumplings for the horse.  Then she reached out to stroke the horse’s mane.

The date red horse offered no resistance and obediently looked at her with gentle eyes.  When Chen Ning went in to hug its neck, it reached out its large tongue and licked Chen Ning’s face.

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