Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 174

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Chapter 174: Bastard highness

After Chu Shao Yang left, the first thing Chen Ning did was throw away her blankets and quickly changed out of her clothes.  However, she did not wash off the little red spots on her face.

She was worried that Chu Shao Yang would come back.

“Young miss, young miss!”  Xiao Ru rushed in with a round face filled with worry, “This servant was in the garden picking flowers and I heard elder sister Chun Tao say that his highness was here to visit you.  Was there any trouble?  Did he insult you?  Hit you?  Ah, god, young miss, you……Why is your face like that?”

When she looked at Chen Ning, her mouth turned into a circle.  She angrily clenched her fist together and shouted, “Did your face turn this way because his highness beat you?  His highness……He really isn’t a man!  He is a bastard highness!  This servant, this servant will go fight it out with him!”

Her face turned completely red as she prepared to shoot out like a fire arrow.

Chen Ning quickly stopped her, “Xiao Ru, stop.  You’re not allowed to go anywhere.  My face it fine, it wasn’t beaten by the bastard highness.”

“If you weren’t beaten, then how did you face…..become like this……”  Xiao Ru’s heart filled with pain as she looked at Chen Ning.  Her eyes turned red and tears almost began to drip down.

“Stupid girl, it’s fake.  I used makeup to turn it this way to scare off that bastard highness, otherwise, would he have left so quickly?”  Chen Ning smiled as she tapped Xiao Ru’s nose.

“So it was done by the young miss.  You almost scared this servant to death.”  Xiao Ru smiled as she broke out in tears.

Chen Ning gave a chuckle, “You’re not allowed to act so flustered in the future.  No matter what happens, you must stay calm, do you understand?”

“Yes, young miss.  This servant will remember.”  Xiao Ru dried her eyes and nodded with a smile.

“Did you see that bastard highness’ face?”  Chen Ning giggled and asked.

When Xiao Ru heard this, she was immediately filled with interest, “I saw it.  When this servant was coming back, she met his highness on his way out.  This servant was scared and almost didn’t recognize his highness.  His face was completely black and blue like someone had hit him several times.  God, young miss, did you beat up his highness?”

Chen Ning revealed a delicate smile and did not say anything.

The reason why Chu Shao Yang had become this way was of course because of her thunderbolt eggs.

But it seemed like he was less injured than she had expected.  It seemed like his martial arts was quite strong, so he was not that heavily injured.

Un, it seemed like she needed to think of a way to make a stronger thunderbolt egg.

After having breakfast, Chen Ning was studying the heart chant that Chu Shao Bai had taught her last night when she say Xia He come in with a happy look on her face.

“Reporting to the princess consort, something good has happened!  The eldest princess is here to see you and is already at our door.”

Her eyes shined with pride.  Being able to make the eldest princess visit her twice, the princess consort really had a great reputation.

This matter had already been spread throughout the king’s palace and now there was no one that dare to bully the princess consort anymore.  Even if it was his highness, he would still hold the princess in high esteem now.

“The eldest princess is here?”

Chen Ning thought about it and guessed most of the reason.  She revealed a smiled as she stood up and said, “Come with me to welcome the eldest princess.”

“This princess does not need a welcome, I’ve already shown myself in.”

With a happy laugh, Eldest Princess An Le had already come in, appearing in front of everyone.

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