Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 173

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Chapter 173: It isn’t her

He just stood there without moving, his hands slowly being clenched into fists.  A pair of cold eyes just stared at the silhouette behind the curtains.

Separated by the bed curtains, Chen Ning still could feel a cold pressure being sent at her and she couldn’t help pulling up the covers.

What is he doing!

She did not hesitate to curl her lips in satisfaction.

She waited for a while, but Chu Shao Yang did not say a single thing.  Chen Ning could not figure out why he had come at all.

“Has your highness come to visit because he has heard this princess was ill?  I’m sorry, this princess cannot leave the bed because of her cold and is unable to greet his highness.  Your highness, please have a seat.”

Chen Ning’s lazy voice gently came from behind the curtains, sounding a little hoarse.

She had just woken up and had not had anything to drink, so her voice was not as crisp and bright as usual.

This voice…….

Chu Shao Yang revealed a slight frown and he felt a little uncertain.

Throughout the night, he had already completely upturned the entire king’s palace, but he still could not find the female assassin.

In the entire king’s palace, the only place left unsearched was the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.

There was also a single person that had not been questioned.

It was his legal princess, Chen Ning.

Chu Shao Yang thought about it and he realized that he had never seen just what his princess looked like.

He had never seen her real face before.  Whenever he had seen her, he had only seen her red painted face that looks like a monkey’s behind.  He had hated it from the moment he had seen it and did not want to ever see it again.

Could the girl that had appeared twice in the Peach Blossom Cove be Chen Ning?

This unexpected thought filled his mind and would not leave.

He suppressed it, but he finally could not stop the doubts he had in his heart and decided to pay a visit to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.

“I’ve heard that my princess was sick, so is the cold serious?  Let this king have a look at the princess’ face.”

Chu Shao Yang directly said as he stared at the curtain.  Taking a step forward, he pulled aside the curtain.

Chen Ning was lying in bed, completely covered by her blanket with only her face showing.

Her face was covered in red dots that were densely gathered together.  It looked very terrible.

Seeing her face, Chu Shao Yang’s eyebrows jumped up and he almost couldn’t stop himself from letting his spit fly out.

“You!  How did your face become like this!”  He couldn’t help taking a second glance and the blue vein on his forehead popped out.

Chen Ning innocently blinked her eyes and revealed a smile as she said, “Isn’t it all thanks to your highness that I turned this way?  If it wasn’t for you kicking me into the lake, how could I become like this?  That lake was filled with an unknown bug, but it bit me all over my body, giving me these red lumps.  It hurts and itches once it meets even a gentle breeze and I have been lying in bed for three days without daring to leave and not daring to open the curtain.  In the end, this is all because of your highness’ favour.”

Her voice was filled with sarcasm.

Chu Shao Yang saw this and felt his heart beat fast.

Damn woman, daring to offend this king, this is the fate that you deserve!

He looked around the room several times and did not notice anything unusual.  Then he was no longer in the mood to stay here any longer.

“Seeing as you’re this ill, you should take better care of yourself.”

He said this with an expressionless face and turned to leave without even looking back.

From the second he entered to the second he left, he had stayed for less than a cup of tea’s worth of time.

It isn’t her.  The strange girl that threw the eggs at him isn’t her!

Chu Shao Yang left the Flowing Cloud Pavilion and looked at the clouds drifting in the sky.  His heart was even heavier than before.

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