Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 175

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Chapter 175: Wishing for a person’s heart

The eldest princess was wearing a new set of red hunting clothes that was bright and eye catching.  She caught everyone’s attention the moment she walked in.

In front of her bright and heroic appearance, not only was she more valiant than normal men, she was even more beautiful than most woman.  Compared to the depressed appearance she had last time, the eldest princess seemed like a completely different person.

“We greet the eldest princess.”  The girls in the house did not dare to stare long and quickly kneeled down in front of her.

The eldest princess was only looking at Chen Ning.  She went forward and pulled Chen Ning to her feet.

“We are all from the same family.  In the future, there is no need for this kind of greeting, do you understand?”

The three maids kneeling on the ground could not help smacking their lips with relish.

The eldest princess words sounded like she was greeting a relative from a younger generation.  She was clearly treating the princess consort as one of her own.

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile and said nothing.  The eldest princess then said, “This princess has something to discuss with little sister Ning, you can all go outside now.”

Little sister Ning?!

They all thought there was something wrong with their ears.  The eldest princess was actually calling the princess consort little sister?  This…..this is not a relative from a younger generation!

The three of them bowed and walked out.  Until they were outside, they felt as if they were in a dream.

In the room, the eldest princess held onto Chen Ning’s hands, but she just smiled without saying anything.

Her heart was in chaos and she did not know what to say.

Although she did not say anything, Chen Ning could clearly see that her eyes, eyebrows, and even each strand of hair was expressing her joy.

“Congratulations to the eldest princess for receiving your wish.  This one blesses the eldest princess and young master Ye finally coming together as lovers.  Wishing for one another’s hearts and never leaving each other even in old age.”

Chen Ning gave a full bow to the eldest princess.  She could already guess everything that had happened.

The eldest princess pulled her up.  After a while, she excitedly said, “Good little sister, it is all because of your good methods.  This morning, my royal brother had decreed that Ye Ting Xuan and I will be married.  In just three months, I will have my ceremony.  I came here today to specially pay a visit to little sister and give my thanks.  If it wasn’t for little sister, today would not have happened!”

When Chen Ning heard this, she couldn’t help being happy for the eldest princess.

But hearing the eldest princess continuously call her little sister, she couldn’t help revealing a helpless smile.

“Eldest princess, this one is from a younger generation.  In accordance to seniority, this one should be calling you royal aunt, but you calling me little sister like this…..I’m afraid it’s a little improper?”

“What is improper about it?  This princess is not that much older than you.  Or do you not want to be my little sister and want me to call you elder sister?”  The princess disapprovingly raised her brow, not hiding her love for Chen Ning at all, “this princess likes you and likes having you as a little sister.  If anyone doesn’t like this, then tell them to come find this princess!”

Chen Ning smiled as she shook her head and said, “This junior does not dare.”

“What this one and junior?  You’re not allowed to say these kinds of things anymore.  In front of me, you will be this princess’ little sister.”  The eldest princes just waved her hand.  Seeing that Chen Ning was not saying anything, her eyebrows raised.

“Do you think that this princess is not worthy of being called elder sister by you?”

Chen Ning liked how forward she was.  She was from the modern era and had learned of equality since she was little.

After crossing over, she had been worried about all kinds of rules of etiquette and had been feeling very oppressed.  It was rare for her to meet this kind of informal eldest princess.

She pursed her lips into a smile and said, “If I call you elder sister, then wouldn’t Chu Shao Yang have to call me aunt the next time he sees me?”

The eldest princess was a little surprised and then broke out into laughter.

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