Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 148

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Chapter 148: Mouse farts

How was there a mouse?  This was clearly the sound of his highness grinding his teeth!

This princess consort was truly brave, daring to make fun of his highness to his face.

But none of them dared to laugh and could only keep it in.  Everyone lowered their heads and their shoulders went up and down.

Even Houeskeeper Xu wasn’t an exception.

Xiao Ru didn’t understand what Chen Ning meant and just said in a silly manner, “This servant hears it, there really is a mouse.  It seems like it’s quite a big mouse.”

As soon as she finished speaking, there was a strange “chi – chi- chi” that came from outside the door.

Housekeeper Xu and the other servants couldn’t keep it in any longer.  Although they had their mouths closed, they could not stop the laughter leaking out of the gaps in their teeth.

“What is that noise?  Mouse farts?”

Chen Ning couldn’t help knitting her brows and using her sleeve to cover her nose.

The veins appearing on Chu Shao Yang’s head seemed like they were about to burst.  He was filled with anger, just a step away from actually killing someone.

But without knowing why, once he heard Chen Ning say the words “mouse fart”, he couldn’t help feeling a strange happy feeling.  The anger that was about to burst out of his chest suddenly disappeared without a trace.

His lips twitched, like he wanted to laugh.

It was a good thing he held it back in time.

Damn!  How could he laugh from that cheap woman’s words?

He gave a deep snort and his eyes fell onto Chen Ning’s face.  A look of disgust appeared as he looked away.

When that red as a monkey’s bottom face appeared in his line of sight, he began to think about what happened in his wedding hall.  A deep disgust and anger immediately filled his chests.

“This king is here, you can go now.”  He coldly said to her.  His voice was filled with disgust and he didn’t even look at Chen Ning.

“Oh, so it’s his highness coming for a visit, this princess has forgotten to give his highness a greeting.  I wonder what reason does his highness have to grace us with a trip to this tiny wooden hut?

Chen Ning had a smile on her face as she spoke.  The more disgusted he was, the happier she was.

She would never tire of making Chu Shao Yang feel sick.

She couldn’t beat him in a fight, but she could anger him to death.

“Humph!  You clearly know why and you’re still asking.”  Chu Shao Yang was so angry that his face turned green and he swung his sleeve out.

“Is it because your highness has heard that this princess is about to do and wanted to see this princess one last time?  Then I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed since this princess has been granted a blessing.  After coming to this little wooden hut, I’ve found a cure that has cured this princess’ disease.”  Chen Ning continued smiling as she spoke.

Chu Shao Yang had already heard this from Housekeeper Xu and he was already filled with anger over how lucky this cheap woman had been.  Personally hearing it from her, his stomach turned green with regret.

If he knew about this earlier, he wouldn’t have sent her to this wooden hut and perhaps she would have died already.

“Let’s not waste time on small talk.  Eldest Princess An Le is here to visit you and this wooden hut isn’t suitable for receiving guests, so you should live in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion for now.”

Chu Shao Yang worked hard to suppress his anger and only barely stopped himself from exploding as he said these words.

After he finished speaking, he turned around to leave.

He believed that if he stayed here any longer, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from taking this girl’s life!

“Wait a minute.”

His foot just stepped over the door, but Chen Ning’s voice lazily sounded out behind him.

Chu Shao Yang’s footstep stopped and without turning around, he said in a low voice, “What else do you need?”

“It’s not impossible for this princess to go to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, but you need to promise three things first.”

“What three things?”

The veins on Chu Shao Yang’s head began to pop once again.

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