Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 147

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Chapter 147: Gezhi gezhi

Of course in Chen Ning’s eyes, there was no difference between Chu Shao Yang and a pile of dung.

“You think that once he sees my face, he will definitely fall in love with me?”  Chen Ning smiled at Xiao Ru as she decided to teach this little girl a lesson.

“That’s right.”  Xiao Ru confidently nodded.

“If I become old one day and I’m not longer beautiful anymore with a face filled with wrinkles and white hair, do you think he will still love me?”  Chen Ning asked.

“This…..This……”  Xiao Ru stuttered out, not being able to answer.

“He would not like me anymore, right?”

Xiao Ru nodded and she felt a bit of sadness in her heart.

“Would you be willing to marry a man like this?”

Xiao Ru did not even need to think about it before shaking her head.

Of course she wouldn’t!

“That’s right, why should I make up with this kind of man?  Why should I try to win his heart?  Even if he kneeled on the ground to court me, I would not spare him a second glance!”  Chen Ning said in an enthusiastic manner, full of impact.

Xiao Ru looked at Chen Ning with look filled with worship.  She suddenly felt that even though the young miss had painted her face like a monkey’s behind, she was still very beautiful!

“He’s here!  Young miss, his highness…..He actually came!”

Xiao Ru inadvertently looked at the window and coincidentally saw Chu Shao Yang walking over with a gloomy face.  She could feel a chill coming from him, as if he wanted to kill someone.

How terrifying!

Seeing the appearance his highness had, it was clear that he wanted to kill someone!

Xiao Ru suddenly reacted and pulled Chen Ning’s sleeve as she said, “Young miss, his highness seems to be very angry.  How about we go find somewhere to hide?”

“Why do we need to hide?  We aren’t going anywhere, we’ll just sit here and wait.”

Chen Ning raised her brows and sat on the wooden bed without moving.

The sound of Chu Shao Yang’s footsteps stopped in front of the wooden hut’s door.

The last time he was here, he had kicked open the door, bent on teaching this cheap women a ruthless lesson.

But this time, he was suppressing his anger and asking her to move to the best residence, the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.

Thinking of this, he felt the flames of rage in his heart.  He was completely filled with anger and wanted to kill someone…….

Housekeeper Xu shuddered as he felt a cold chill run down his back.  Feeling Chu Shao Yang’s killing intent, he quickly moved back to step out of fear that he would suffer his highness’ venting once again.

He saw Chu Shao Yang clench his hands into two fists with veins appearing on the back of his hands, clearly thinking about breaking that woman sitting inside the house’s head.

He was so scared that his heart jumped into his throat.

“Your highness, you can’t, you can’t do that.  A little impatience will ruin a large plan, don’t forget that your highness.  The eldest princess is waiting for you!”  Housekeeper Xu reminded him in a low voice.

“Hu!  Hu!”

Chu Shao Yang let out two long breaths and then walked into the wooden hut with a determined face.

This damned woman.  She clearly knew that he had come, but she didn’t come out to greet him!

His cold gaze swept around and found that Chen Ning was sitting on the wooden bed.  His heart was filled with an anger that he almost could not stop.

Not only did she not come out to welcome him, she was even openly sitting on the wooden bed……How did she dare to do this!

Chu Shao Yang grinded his teeth making a gezhi gezhi sound.  He was so angry that he could not even say anything.

A chill filled with killing intent came from his body.  Xiao Ru was so scared that her face turned white and she shrunk back behind Chen Ning’s body.

Chen Ning acted like she had not seen Chu Shao Yang at all.  She clicked her tongue and said to herself, “Strange, we’ve been here for an entire day and haven’t met any trouble yet, so why am I hearing a mouse’s squeaks now?  Xiao Ru, did you hear anything?”

Hearing this, Housekeeper Xu and the other servants behind Chu Shao Yang almost couldn’t keep it in any longer and almost shouted out at her.

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    I love the first line in this chapter.
    And Chu Shao Yang shouldn’t protest with how Chen Ning treats him. If you treat someone like crap, don’t expect them to hail you like a prince you are. Especially if said person is your spouse. What a scumbag to feel offended when he had done nothing to deserve her respect.

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