Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: He’s not suited

“This princess is not a dog that you can direct wherever you want.  You want me to move to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion today and tomorrow you’ll want me to come back to this wooden shed!  I won’t allow things to be dictated by you!  This is the first promise, can you highness agree to this?”  Chen Ning said in a calm voice.

Chu Shao Yang’s back turned stiff and after a while, he gave a snort.

Chen Ning knew that this meant he agreed.  She smiled and said, “The Flowing Cloud Pavilion will be this princess’ residence and the servants serving this princess will be personally picked by this princess.  In addition, the maids of your palace or anyone else from this palace will not be allowed to enter my Flowing Cloud Pavilion.  This is the second condition.”

Chu Shao Yang gave another snort.

Chen Ning gave a bright smile and slowly said, “The third condition is that since this courtyard’s sweet potatoes have cured this princess’ illness, this princess wants to keep this courtyard.  This shouldn’t be difficult, right?”

Chu Shao Yang felt this was strange.  He had thought that Chen Ning’s third condition would make things hard for him, but who would have thought that her third condition would just be this desolate little courtyard?  It was the most acceptable out of the three conditions.

“Alright!  It’s a promise!”  Chu Shao Yang said in a deep voice as he looked back to take a glance at Chen Ning.

Chen Ning was still smiling at him.  Seeing him turn around, her smile slowly became larger and her eyes suddenly narrowed.

“Your highness, if you and my little sister have nothing else to do, feel free to stop by my Flowing Cloud Pavilion.  This princess will welcome you at any time.”

“In your dreams!”

Chu Shao Yang suddenly shouted as he turned around and left.

Chen Ning giggled as she looked at his back.  She slowly said to Housekeeper Xu, “Let’s go, we’re going to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.”


The Flowing Cloud Pavilion was just as elegant as Xia He had described it as.  The residence was spacious and the place was very bright.  Not only was there little bridges and pavilions, there was even a small flower garden.

The flowers were in full bloom, fighting each other in terms of beauty.

Chen Ning liked this place as soon as she saw it.  Xiao Ru was even happier than she was as she started clapping.

“Young miss, this Flowing Cloud Pavilion is truly beautiful.  It would be great if we could live here for our entire lives..”  She let out a satisfied sigh.

When Chen Ning head this, she twisted her ear.  She laughed and scolded, “You are truly unpromising.  You might want to live here for your entire life, but I don’t want that.”

“Why?  This place was even better than our residence back in the Guo Gong Palace, so why would it be bad to live here for our entire lives?”  Xiao Ru asked in a silly voice.

“Because I don’t want to be trapped with a man like Chu Shao Yang for my entire life, he doesn’t suit me.”  Chen Ning smile and said.  She pulled aside the pearl string curtain and walked into the room.

Xiao Ru was stunned and a while passed before she recovered.

The young miss’ meaning is…..There will be a day that she will leave this place?

Chen Ning had only explored for a bit before Eldest Princess An Le came to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, being accompanied by Housekeeper Xu.

The anger Chu Shao Yang felt from Chen Ning’s provocations back at the wooden hut was not light and he would rather gouge out his eyes than to see Chen Ning’s face again, so he found a reason to leave.

It was a good thing that Eldest Princess An Le was not here to see him anyway.  His refusal to come was well within Eldest Princess An Le’s expectations.

“This consort has failed to greet the eldest princess.  I ask for the eldest princess’ forgiveness.”

Chen Ning had already guessed that Chu Shao Yang would not be coming, so she had washed her face and put on a decent dress.  Then she came out to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion’s door to wait.

She followed the customs set and greeted the eldest princess like this, not stepping a single foot over the rules.

Her appearance was very natural and very graceful, neither humble or overbearing.  She had no makeup on her face, yet her face was snow white.  When the eldest princess saw her, she immediately had a good impression of her.

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