Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Crows foretelling bad luck

Waking up in the morning, Chu Shao Yang heard two “ya ya” sounds coming from his window and he fell into a bad mood.

Opening the window, he saw a crow flying by.


Hearing a crow’s cry in the morning, would he be suffering some bad luck soon?

Chu Shao Yang had been more cautious lately.

He did not know where his bad luck come from.  Ever since his marriage with Chen Bi Yun, dark clouds continued rolling in and his luck had not gotten any better.

Of course he blamed it all on Chen Ning.

If she died, then his bad luck would disappear.

Only he did not known when that cheap woman would finally die.  He heard Yun’er say that she wouldn’t live more than a few days.

Chu Shao Yang had already informed all his subordinates that they were not allowed to send anything to the wooden hut.

He did not believe that without food or water, a sick person like her would be able to live much longer.

“Your highness, bad news!  This servant has just received news that the eldest princess Feng Luang will be coming to our palace soon!”

Chu Shao Yang was enjoying his breakfast when Housekeeper Xu anxiousl burst in through the door with a frightened expression.

His face turned sinister and he coldly looked at Housekeeper Xu as he reprimanded, “Housekeeper Xu, aren’t you becoming more and more unruly?  The eldest princess is this king’s royal aunt and you actually call her visit bad news?  Do you even know how to talk?”

Housekeeper Xu’s body trembled as he kneeled down and said, “Your highness, it really is bad news.  I don’t know how the eldest princess received the news that the princess was sick, but she has come this time to visit the princess consort.”

“What!”  Chu Shao Yang suddenly stood up, almost overturning the table.

His eyebrows tightly knit together, “My royal aunt and that cheap woman had never met before, I have never even heard of any relations between the two of them.  Why is she visiting that cheap woman!”

“This servant does not know, but the eldest princess Feng Luang is about to reach our gates, what should we do?  Also this servant asks your highness to personally come forward.”  Housekeeper Xu said in a trembling voice.

Chu Shao Yang was completely upset as he lifted his foot to kick out at Housekeeper Xu.  His voice was filled with anger as he said, “If you need this king to personally come forward, what use is a housekeeper like you!”

Housekeeper Xu endured the pain and rolled back to kneel in front of Chu Shao Yang, “Your highness, this servant feels like we should empty a location and move the princess over from the wooden hut.  This way we can deal with the eldest princess.”

“Then just send that cheap person back to her original living area.”  Chu Shao Yang said without even thinking.

Housekeeper Xu revealed a bitter look as he said, “We can’t do that your highness.  The place that the princess used to live in is completely dilapidated, it hasn’t been repaired in years.  If the eldest princess saw what kind of house your highness has prepared for the princess, I’m afraid……”

“We can’t do this or that!  Then tell me, what can we do!”  Chu Shao Yang angrily said.

He felt his head ache the moment he heard the word “princess”.

“Your highness, a little impatience will ruin a large plan.  The princess is already seriously ill and thinking about it…….she won’t live past another few days.  How about your highness gives her a large favour and let her live in a better place for a few days?  What does your highness think about that?”  Housekeeper Xu carefully proposed.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart was filled with reluctance, but thinking about the eldest princess, he had no choice but to nod.

“This king will go greet his royal aunt, so I’ll let you take care of this.”  He swept out his sleeve and walked out with big steps.

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