Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: Letting a golden phoenix escape

He suddenly understood a little about why his master wanted to find her.

If she really had this kind of fortune telling ability, she would definitely be able to help his master with many problems that would cause him giant headaches!

Then there was a handsome middle aged scholar that appeared, but he came in a more low key manner compared to Zhao Er Gou.

He just stood at the corner and looked around as if he was looking for someone.  Not seeing the familiar fortune telling stall, he revealed a disappointed look on his face.

Xiao Si recognized him with a single glance.  This middle aged scholar was the last person Chen Ning told a fortune for.

At that time, he had hesitantly mentioned he had lost something, but he did not say what it was and endured the crowd’s insults.

Xiao Si remembered that he had an expression filled with sadness then, but now his brows were relaxed and his eyes were shining.

“Hey, don’t go!”

The middle aged scholar had waited for a long time just to see Chen Ning not appear.  After hearing the crowd say that she had not appeared in several days, he could not help sighing and turning to leave, but Xiao Si suddenly grabbed his sleeve.

“Who are you?”  The middle aged scholar was stunned as he turned around, but then he saw Xiao Si whom he had never met before.

“I just want to ask something.  Did you find the thing that you asked the divine fortune telling girl to find for you?”  Xiao Si asked in a straightforward manner.

“I found it, I found it.”  The middle aged scholar nodded his head.  When he heard the words “divine fortune telling girl”, he could help revealing a smile on his face and his voice was filled with gratitude.

“That girl truly has a divine fortune telling ability.  When she told me to drain the well in my backyard and that my item was down there, I did not fully believe her, but after draining the well, I found what I was looking for in the surface of the water.  She really is my life saving benefactor!  I came to personally thank that young miss, but who knows that she wouldn’t have appeared in several days, ai!  That miss has done a large favour for me, I really don’t know how I can ever repay her.”

“That really is amazing!”  Xiao Si’s eyes opened wide and he couldn’t help asking, “What did you lose?”

“I can’t say, I can’t say.”  The scholar shook his head.  Then he cupped his hands at Xiao Si and walked away.

Xiao Si stood there in a daze as he looked at the man’s back, he could not describe the feeling appearing in his heart.

This girl truly is a divine being!

He suddenly felt very silly.  When his master had to leave for his matters, how could he just follow after him?  He should have followed that girl and found out where she lived and what origins she had.

“Pa, pa!”  He raised his hand and couldn’t help slapping himself twice.  He scolded himself, “You stupid little boy!”

He was actually confused enough to let a golden phoenix escape!

No wonder his master punished him.  Even he could not forgive himself.

Xiao Si suddenly jumped up and then patted the back of his head.

He truly was a fool, actually foolishly waiting here until he became stupid!

That little maid named Xiao Ru had called the divine fortune telling girl young miss which meant that she had to be a daughter from one of the rich families.  The reason why she would run here and set up a stall by the street showed that she was using this to make a living.

Perhaps her family went bankrupt or some major changes had suddenly occurred.

To put it plainly, the girl’s fortune telling stall was just a way for her to make money!

But in the end, he had followed his master’s orders and had given her a small bag of golden ingots.

Now that she had that gold, would she even show herself again?

Wasn’t he just completely stupid!

But there was no medicine for regret in this world.  Now in this vast sea of people, how would he even find traces of that girl?

Xiao Si looked into the sky and felt completely helpless.

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