Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: Seizing a beautiful man

Housekeeper Xu cursed his bad luck.  His highness had thrown a hot potato like this into his hands, but he did not dare to reject it.

He had seen Chen Ning at Chu Shao Yang’s wedding last time.  With his years of experience in the king’s palace, he quickly decided that the princess consort was a master that he should not offend and she wasn’t an idiot like the rumours said she was.

Thinking about it, he ordered some servants to prepare a soft sedan chair and then went to the wooden hut.

Chu Shao Yang was wearing elegant clothes and he looked very respectful as he stood at the gate, waiting to welcome the eldest princess.

Speaking of the eldest princess, it was someone he could not offend and an important character that would give him a headache whenever they met.

She was the blood related little sister of the emperor of the West Chu Country and Chu Shao Yang’s blood related aunt.

Even though she was only 2-3 years older than Chu Shao Yang, she was still from the older generation.  In front of her, the proud Chu Shao Yang had to lower his head and respectfully call her royal aunt.

Her title was An Le because she was suppose to keep the peace and be cheerful, but the eldest princess was not peaceful or cheerful.

She had a very fiery personality and liked martial arts.  She had been practicing martial arts all year round without end and was very good at martial arts.  Even if there were 3-5 palace guards as her opponent, they still would not be a match.

Her dream was to one day sweep across the battlefield on a horse holding a spear.  As well as walking with a well dressed man whose sword never left his body.

But she was now twenty three years old and still has not been married yet.

It wasn’t as if there haven’t been people who have tried to propose.  It was unknown how many people wanted to raise their position with this golden phoenix, but she did not like a single one of them.

The current emperor was her blood related elder brother and was very loving towards this little sister of his, even bestowing upon her the title of Eldest Princess An Le.  He had repeatedly set engagements for her, but she rejected every single one of them.

She was born with a man’s forthright character, so how could she be willing to marry a weak scholar that couldn’t even beat her.  Not to mention she would have to serve him for a lifetime, what a joke!

Even if it was the military’s champion, she did not like them at all.  She disliked those kinds of bulky men that were just like giant bears.

The emperor felt helpless and could only leave her be.

But there was that kind of fatal attraction in this world.  When she was twenty years old, this arrogant Eldest Princess An Le was walking through the capital city when she had inadvertently saved a beautiful young girl being bullied by ruffians.

She never would have thought that the beautiful young girl she saved wouldn’t be a young girl, rather it was a very beautiful young man.  She had fallen in love with this young man at first sight and without saying anything else, she had dragged this beautiful man to the eldest princess’ palace and forced him into a wedding hall.

The beautiful young man had just met with disaster and now he was being kidnapped.

He was also someone with a stubborn personality and refused to marry the eldest princess.  He even threatened to bite off his own tongue.

The eldest princess was completely in love with him and did not dare to force him, so she imprisoned him in her palace and tried to find a way to win his love, but the beautiful young man turned cold with her and began to ignore her.

Until Marquis Xuan Wu had angrily rushed into her palace looking for her.  The beautiful young man the eldest princess kidnapped was actually Marquis Xuanwu’s second son named Ye Ting Xuan.  He was famous for having a sharp wit in the capital city.

She was unwilling as she watched Ye Ting Xuan leave with his father.  She then quickly looked away, not turning back around at all.

Later the emperor passed a decree, wanting her and Ye Ting Xuan to get married, but not only did Ye Ting Xuan reject her, he had even swore that as long as he was being forced to be with the eldest princess, he would immediately kill himself!

The eldest princess was completely obsessed and infatuated with him.  Wherever Ye Ting Xuan went, the eldest princess would always also appear.

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