Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Foolish people have more money

Chen Ning’s eyebrows raised and found that she was not far from the back doors of the King Ding Yuan palace.  There were a few guards by the door.  Taking advantage of the fact she hadn’t been seen yet, she took Xiao Ru and ran.  Only after she went around the corner did she let out a breath of relief.

“We’ve finally escaped from there.”  She patted her chest and took a deep breath.

“Young miss, why did we need to escape?”  Xiao Ru was full of curiosity as she asked.

Chen Ning couldn’t help look at Xiao Ru.  Being too lazy to explain, she just took her hand and quickly walked away.

This place was too close to the King Ding Yuan palace, it still wasn’t safe enough.  She felt it would be better to get a little farther away.

As for why they needed to escape?

She had turned Chu Shao Yang’s wedding into a mess.  If she stayed near the prince’s palace, once Chu Shao Yang could react, the first thing he would take care of would be her!

She wasn’t silly.  Of course she wouldn’t stay there for him to take care of her.

As for where she would go, she still hadn’t decided yet.

She couldn’t go back to the country protector’s palace.  Chu Shao Yang would definitely come and find her if she went back.

The birds flew in the wide sky, there was a wide and deep sea, and the world was big.  Was there really not a place that she could hide?

Chen Ning was not worried at all, in fact she was actually quite calm.  Thinking of the faces Chu Shao Yang and Chen Bi Yun had, she couldn’t help comparing it to a pig eating ginseng.  Every single pore on her body couldn’t help breaking out into laughter.

[TL note: Pig eating ginseng means being greedy, but gaining nothing]

After passing a few streets, her surroundings suddenly became livelier.

There was a crowd of people in front of her, all of them seemed to be discussing something.

“Ya, there must have been something fun that happened over there.  Young miss, let’s go take a look.”

Xiao Ru had a face filled with excitement as she dragged Chen Ning into the crowd.

Pushing to the front, they saw two child in the center of the crowd.  There was one girl and one boy and they seemed to be around seven to eight years old.  Their heads were covered by a grass sign and they were mournfully crying over a corpse lying on a grass mat.

Written on the ground beside them in yellow mud were crooked words saying: selling body to bury our father.

The two child were both thin and their clothes were ragged.  Their noses were sniffling and their eyes were filled with tears.  It attracted sympathy from the crowd and some even threw copper coins or silver bits.

Xiao Ru couldn’t help crying as she prepared her wallet to give some money.

“How pitiful, losing their father at such a small age.”  She sniffled her nose.

Suddenly, with a “zheng” sound, an iron ingot fell in front of the two children.  It shined bright like a flower, causing the entire crowd to burst into an uproar.

“This person is really generous, he actually threw out fifty silvers!”

Everyone began to praise and raised their thumbs for this generous person.

It was a tall, black clothed man with his back facing Chen Ning and Xiao Ru.  Seeing the image of his back, it was as tall and straight as a pine tree.

“In this era, it truly is foolish people have more money.”

Chen Ning couldn’t help shaking her head and sighing.

Everyone became angry with her.

That black clothed man also turned around and swept over Chen Ning with a cold look.

“Young miss, don’t be like that.  Don’t you see there two children are already pitiful enough.”  Xiao Ru was shocked.  She quickly pulled at Chen Ning’s sleeves and took out a few pieces of copper, “Let’s give them some money too.”

“That’s right, they truly are too pitiful.”

While Chen Ning said it was pitiful, her face had a smile on it.  It did not seem she had any pity for the two children.

Xiao Ru had a look of embarrassment as she saw that everyone was staring at the young miss.  She really wanted to reach out with her two hands and cover up the smile on the young miss’ face.

“Little brother, little sister, is the person lying down actually your father?”

Chen Ning clinked the copper pieces together as she walked forward with a smile.  The two children had eyes of vigilance as they stared at her, not saying a word.

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