Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Heart reading technique

Xiao Ru’s ears suddenly straightened as she focused on listening.

“Be careful, there is a pit in front of you.”Chen Ning suddenly said.

“Ah!”  Xiao Ru was shocked as she quickly jumped back.  She looked down at the blue tiled road and found that there was no hole.

“Young miss, why would you make fun of this servant?”  She unhappily pouted her lips.

Chen Ning smiled and patted her shoulder, “I was only doing a small experiment.  The results were quite obvious.  Your first reaction to when you heard about the pit was to jump back, which is a natural reaction to avoiding danger.  But when Chen Bi Yun heard about the water on the ground, her first reaction was to protect her own lower abdomen.  Why did she subconsciously react that way?  In her subconscious, she instinctively wanted to protect her stomach.  Now think about it, what kind of precious thing was in her stomach that she would protect it to this extent?  The answer is very simple and that would be that she is pregnant!”  She confidently said word by word.

Xiao Ru seemed to suddenly realize something.

She raised her small face and looked at Chen Ning, her eyes were shining as bright as tiny stars.

“Young miss, you are truly too smart.  Compared to you, this servant’s head is like a block of wood and this servant’s eyes are no longer working.”

Her self pity made Chen Ning smile.

Xiao Ru stared in a daze at Chen Ning’s smile and she just scratched her head.

She found that after young miss woke up, she seemed like a completely different person.  Not only was she much smarter, she always seemed to have a smile on her face.

“Young miss, why are you not angry?”

“Why would I be angry?”  Chen Ning raised her eyebrows.

“Haven’t you always been in love with King Ding Yuan?  You and his highness Ding Yuan were engaged by the emperor, but second young miss could be this shameless and steal young miss’ fiancee, even getting pregnant before being married!”  Xiao Ru angrily spoke as her cheeks puffed up.

“The Chen Ning that used to like Chu Shao Yang is already dead.” Chen Ning revealed a faint smile.

In fact, that Chen Ning no longer existed in this world.

The spring march day, flowers in full bloom.  All kinds of different flowers bloomed in King Ding Yuan’s garden, it was truly beautiful.

But Chen Ning did not pay attention to the flowers.

She held Xiao Ru’s hand and went in a circle around the garden.  Quickly she escaped the servants line of sight and hid into a corner, then she began to strip.

“Young, young miss, what are you doing?”

Xiao Ru’s chin was about to fall off.

Chen Ning didn’t care and quickly took off the red dress, revealing a dress that was white as the moon.  She used the clothes she took off to wipe her face and then threw it onto the ground.

She had suddenly turned into a different person.

“Xiao Ru, quickly drill it.”  Chen Ning said in a low voice.

“Drill?  Drill what?”  Xiao Ru stared in a daze at Chen Ning.

“A hole.  If you don’t drill it, then I’ll drill it.”

Without waiting for Xiao Ru to react, Chen Ning turned around and drilled a hole in the wall.  

Xiao Ru was stunned.  The dignified Ding Yuan princess, the young miss of the country protector’s household, had actually drilled a hole in the wall!

What was happening!

“Silly girl, get over here.”  Chen Ning beckoned with her hand from the hole.

Xiao Ru closed her eyes and her heart skipped a beat.  Without having time to think about it, she bowed her head and walked over to the hole.

“Dong”.  She hit her head on the wall and tears came out from the pain.

“Young miss…….”  She said with a crying face.

Chen Ning couldn’t help but smile.  This little girl, she doesn’t even know how to drill a hole.

She held in her laughter and pulled Xiao Ru in with a hand.  She patted the dirt off her skirt and then rubbed her head as she smiled and scolded, “Little fool.”

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