Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Don’t be in such a hurry to die

“What is wrong with this girl?  These children’s father have died and now they’re selling the body to bury him.  Not only does she not give money, she also chooses to criticize them.”

“She’s truly cold hearted!”

“No human nature!”

The crowd of people couldn’t stand her, as they all accused Chen Ning.

Xiao Ru’s face turned red with embarrassment as she couldn’t help but want to crack the ground open so that she and the young miss could hide in shame.

But Chen Ning didn’t listen to them as she had a smile on her face.  It was as if the criticism and insults of the crowd did not matter to her at all.

“Your father dying truly is a pity.  How about this, I’ll help bring your dead father back to life, alright?”  She continued to smile as she spoke.

What did this mean?

Before the crowd could even react, they just saw Chen Ning pull out a hairpin from her hair.  Then she suddenly jammed it into the palm of the body lying on the mat.

The two children panicked and rushed to stop her.

After hearing a “ao” sound, the body lying on the ground sat up.


The crowd suddenly exploded.


“Save me!”

The panic stricken crowd fled and the area became chaotic.

The “corpse” realized that this was bad and closed his eyes.  He was preparing to lie back down and pretend to be dead again, but Chen Ning suddenly grabbed his wrist.

“Hey!  Don’t be in such such a hurry to die.  I saw that your children were this pitiful so I decided to save you.  You can’t die now!”

Chen Ning smiled as she waved the hairpin in her hand.  On the hairpin, there were slight traces of blood.

The “corpse” was in a daze, then he flew into a rage and threw a fist at Chen Ning.

“So it’s this silly girl that was ruining this old man’s business!”

His fist stopped in the air.

A thin and handsome man suddenly stepped out in front of Chen Ning, he held the man’s wrist with two fingers.  He raised the palm of his hand and slammed it into the “corpse’s”  chin.

“Cursed swindler.  Causing our master to be cheated, I’ll kill you!”

The youth’s voice was quite sharp.  He scolded as he hit the man.

This young man had been wearing blue clothing and had been standing beside the black clothed man.  He seemed to be that man’s servant.

That “corpse” broke down into tears and fell onto the ground as he pleaded, “Heroic sir, please let me go!  Little one doesn’t dare, I won’t swindle anyone again.”

The crowd of people finally reacted.  It wasn’t a zombie, rather it was just a swindler of Jianghu.

Then they filled with anger as the surrounded the swindler.  They punched and kicked him as they insulted him.

Chen Ning smiled while watching.  Then she pulled Xiao Ru’s hand and walked away from the crowd.

When the angry crowd finally calmed down, they wanted to find Chen Ning and thank her, but they discovered that she had already disappeared.

“Where is that girl?”  If it wasn’t for this girl seeing through this swindler with a single glance, we would have been made a fool of.”

“That’s right, that’s right.  I thought that girl was just cold blooded, but it seemed like she was the smartest person here.”

“It’s too bad we couldn’t thank her.”

The crowd brought the swindler to the official palace and talked about it on the way over.

At this time, Chen Ning had already brought Xiao Ru far away.  She hadn’t heard a single word of the crowd’s gratitude.

Chen Ning and Xiao Ru arrived at a restaurant and then they stopped in front of it.

At this moment it was very busy and the main hall was filled with diners.  The waiters walked around the store with plates and the rich smell of food drifted into their noses.

“How fragrant!”  Xiao Ru took a deep breath and her drool almost dripped down.

Shen Ning also felt really hungry since she had been walking for a while.  She had only had a cup of tea in the wedding hall and had been hungry for quite a while.

At this time, the fragrant smell of rice drifted out.  How could she endure it!

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