Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: Servant’s smelly mouth

Steward Fan turned into a mute as his face turned green and then white.  He steeled his heart and said, “This servant has a smelly mouth, you should give it a fierce slap!  There is no need for the princess to dirty her hands, this servant will slap himself!”

He raised a hand and slapped himself in the face, giving a clean and crisp hit.

Chen Ning gave a laugh.

“Not bad, it’s quite loud and the sound is pretty good to listen to.  This princess hasn’t heard enough so continue you hitting yourself.  When they princess has heard enough and no longer wants to hear more, then you can stop.”

Steward Fan’s face completely turned pale as he stood there listlessly.

He never would have thought that his trick would be instantly seen through by Chen Ning.

He prepared his face and then began continuously slapping with his right and left palms.

This time he was hitting himself for real.  The sound wasn’t as loud, but after a few slaps, his face began to swell up.

Finally he heard Chen Ning lazily speaking up.

“That’s enough.”

Steward Fan acted like he had received a great amnesty and continuously kowtowed in front of Chen Ning, “This servant thanks the princess consort’s grace.”

“There is so many vicious dogs here releasing a terrible odor, it truly is disgusting.  This place is not habitable anymore.  Xiao Ru, you come with me to the the wooden hut for a few days.  Chun Tao, Xia He, you two can stay here.  Steward Fan, didn’t you say you were raising dogs here?  Un, this princess sees that a few dogs are quite fat.  Steward Fan, take good care of them and when the weather turns cold, you can just turn them into a pot stew for this princess, understand?”

Chen Ning smiled as she looked at steward Fan.

Whatever she said, people just had to promise.

Steward Fan did not dare to disagree, but he just secretly complained in his heart: These are his highness’ favourite dogs.  If his highness knew about his beloved dogs being turned into stew, then he might chop me up and feed me to the dogs!

It was still a good thing that Chen Ning finally agreed to go to the wooden hut.  He let out a sigh of relief in his mind.

“This servant will arrange for someone to guide the princess to the wooden shed.”  He was like a dog trying to please her.

“It’s late, so steward Fan can just remain here and look after the dogs.  This princess does not care for the stink of the dogs.”

After Chen Ning finished speaking, she left without even looking back.  Xiao Ru followed after her while carrying a little luggage bag.

Steward had an embarrassed expression on his face as he looked at Chen Ning’s back with his swollen face and tiny eyes.

He did not even dare to insult her.

His stomach was already filled with regret.  If he had not succumbed to Chen Bi Yun’s one hundred silver coins, he would not have provoked the princess.

It had to be known that the princess was his highness’ rightful princess as decreed by the emperor, she was not someone he could offend.  How could he be blinded by wealth!

But didn’t everyone say that the princess was heavily injured and sick, and she was about to die soon?

But while the princess was insulting him, her lips were like spears and her tongue was like arrows.  Why did she not seem like she was dying at all?

He had his doubts, but he did not dare to report what happened here back to his highness and leave a bad impression in his highness’ heart.

“Every one of you will keep your mouth shut for me.  Not a single word must be said about what happened today.  If this steward learns of someone saying a single word, humph, humph……”

He turned around and spoke to his subordinates in a cold voice.

The flattering look he showed in front of Chen Ning was gone.  He was once again revealing an arrogant expression and using a threatening tone.

The fact that he had kneeled down in front of Chen Ning and slapped his own face could definitely not be known by others, otherwise everyone in the king’s palace would look down on him.

The subordinates remained silent as they all agreed.

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