Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: Relying on a man

Intoxicated Flower Pavilion, beside the Lotus Pool.

Chen Bi Yun was smiling as she held a small plate of fish food and while she was teasing the beautiful fish in the pond.  From time to time, she would let out cheerful laugh.

Chu Shao Yang leaned against the railing with a smile on his face.  He did not blink as he stared at Chen Bi Yun’s face.

This was the woman he loved and she had his child in her stomach.  Seeing her smile like this, his heart was filled with satisfied and comfortable feeling.

Woman should be like Chen Bi Yun, always relying on men.

As long as he was willing to be with her for a little while everyday, she would be very happy.  She had never complained in front of him and always welcomed him with her smile.

Not like that damn Chen Ning.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart instantly filled with disgust.

Why would he think of that damn woman at such a pleasant moment!

The smile on his face suddenly disappeared and he instantly stood up.

“Your highness, why are you suddenly unhappy?”

Although Chen Bi Yun was feeding the fish, the corner of her eye was still on Chu Shao Yang’s face.  She did not miss the subtle changes in his expression.

She put down the fish food and walked to Chu Shao Yang’s side.  She buried herself in his arms and tenderly said, “Your highness, how about you feed the fish instead?  These fish are truly beautiful.  You see the one with a red dot on its head?  It is the most greedy and eats the most, hee, hee.”

Chu Shao Yang embraced her waist and absentmindedly stared at the surface of the lake.

He did not look at the fish in the pond, rather he looked at the blue and deep lake water.

It was unknown what he thought of, but he suddenly forcefully pulled Chen Bi Yun in and his eyes filled with a trace of tenderness.

“Yun’er, eight years ago it was you that jumped down into the water and saved this king, otherwise this king wouldn’t be here today.  This king always wanted to ask you, how did you have the courage to jump into the lake and save someone at eight years old?”

He was very handsome, but had a cold temperament.  When he was acting like a person of ice, not talking and smiling, no one dared to approach him.

But at this moment, his lips were spread wide in a smile and his eyes were completely filled with tenderness.  Even his cold face had turned more gentle, making him even more handsome.

Chen Bi Yun’s heart raced like a little deer as her eyes were enamoured by his handsome features, almost as if she was about to stop breathing.

“Yun’er, Yun’er.”

Chu Shao Yang called her twice and she awoke from her stupor.  She lowered her red face as she whispered, “Your highness, your smile is truly beautiful, Yun’er is stunned by looking at it.  Smile more at Yun’er in the future, alright?”  Her voice was very sweet.  It was tender and charming.

“Alright.”  Chu Shao Yang smiled once again, “You still haven’t answered me yet, why did you jump down to save me in the past?  Was it because I smiled at you?”

Thinking of the past, his mood became strange as he stared deeply into Chen Bi Yun’s eyes.

In front of his eyes was no longer this charming woman.  Rather he saw the wet young girl from the past with water dripping down her hair.

Chen Bi Yun’s heart pounded as her two little white hands grabbed Chu Shao Yang’s clothes.  She covered her mouth and said, “Your highness, so many years have passed.  Yun’er was small back then, how could I remember?”

“You don’t remember?”  A trace of disappointment appeared in Chu Shao Yang’s eyes, but then he revealed a relaxed smile and said, “That’s right, you were still young back then, so it is normal for you to not remember.  But even after all these years, this king still remembers how you looked after you saved me.”

He stretched out a hand to help place Chen Bi Yun’s loose hair behind her year, revealing her smooth jade like face.  It was glowing bright pink, just like the blooming march peach blossoms.

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