Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Not even wanting face

Chen Ning raised her brows and gave a cold laugh in her heart.

Chen Bi Yun, oh Chen Bi Yu, my good little sister.  Your heart is truly more venomous than a snake, actually sending these kind of people here.

If this was the original owner, if she had been touched by these kind of men, if she didn’t die an illness, she would have committed suicide.

But even if they thought about it a thousand times, they never would have thought that the Chen Ning they met today would no longer be the submissive person from before and was now someone who didn’t care about good or evil.


She knitted her brows and coldly shouted.

She was not angry at all.  Her cold eyes and knitted brows made her look very imposing.

Those people were stunned and couldn’t help stopping.  With her prestige influencing them, they did not dare to move forward.

Steward Fan angrily said, “Go, I said go!  We are here on his highness’ orders, what are you afraid of!”

“He, he, his highness?  What does he count for!”

Chen Ning revealed a contemptuous smile and her cold eyes stared at steward Fan, “Open your dog eyes and look carefully.  This princess is his highness’ rightful wife, decided by the emperor.  If you dare to disrespect this princess, that would be considered disrespecting the emperor!  If you dare to insult this princess, then you are also insulting the emperor!  As a bunch of dog servants, if you dare to make a move against this princess, then you will be slapping the emperor’s face!”

She slowly said in a strong voice.

Steward Fan and the others were all stunned.  No one dared to move forward and no one dared to move single step closer to her.

Even the most arrogant steward Fan was now a mute.  It was like something was blocking his chest, making him unable to speak.

Oh god, this girl even brought up the emperor, who still dared to move against her?

Making a move against her was like making a move against the emperor.  Even if they ate a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gallbladder, they still wouldn’t dare move!

Everyone looked over at steward Fan, their hearts beating like drums.

Steward Fan began to secretly complain as a headache developed.

He never would have dreamed that Chen Ning would bring out the emperor against him.  No matter how big his highness was, he couldn’t compare to the emperor!

If he didn’t finish the matter his highness entrusted him, his highness would give him a severe punishment.  If it was light, his butt would be turned raw by a bamboo stick.  If it was heavy, perhaps the head on his neck will be gone.

A “putong” sound rang out.

Everyone was scared.

When they looked over, they saw that the arrogant steward Fan was suddenly kneeling down to Chen Ning.

He was crying as he said, “Princess consort, grandmother, ancestor, please go along with this servant.  His highness ordered this servant to bring you to wooden hut for two days, if this servant cannot achieve this, then I’ll be dead!  I ask the merciful princess consort to spare this servant’s dog life.”

He was begging while submitting, scaring everyone looking at him.

Chen Ning smiled as she thought that this steward Fan was truly a flexible person, no wonder he could reach his current position.  In order to achieve his purpose, he really did not care about face at all.

“Steward Fan, since you still see me as the princess and admit that this princess is your master, then this princess won’t make it hard on you.  Of course I wouldn’t make it so you couldn’t finish the orders his highness has given you, right?”

She had an indifferent look as she spoke in a slow voice.

Steward Fan’s eyes lit up.  He was secretly thinking that kneeling down truly did work!

“Yes, yes, yes, princess consort is a very compassionate person.  We will remember the princess consort’s grace……”

He was prepared to continue flattering her, but he was suddenly coldly cut off by Chen Ning.

“Steward Fan, as for how you insulted this princess, what should we do about that?”

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