Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: A plucked chicken

All his suffering had all come from this one woman!

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was distracted by the unknown young girl that had appeared in the Peach Blossom Cove for a short period causing him to not leave the Peach Blossom Cove, he would not have let Chen Ning off that easily.

But today, he had no way of holding back any longer.

“Someone come!”  Chu Shao Yang suddenly shouted.

Chen Bi Yun was surprised and quickly said, “Your highness, what are you doing?”

Chu Shao Yang did not reply.  When he saw the approaching Xiao An Zi, he snapped, “Pass down my orders.  Princess Chen is very sick, so in order to not affect others, she will be immediately sent to the wooden hut and no one is allowed to come close.  If anyone dares to enter or leave the wooden hut, kill without any mercy!  Do you understand?”

Xiao An Zi immediately bowed down and replied, “This servant understands and will act accordingly to your highness’ orders.”

Chu Shao Yang gave a cold snort.

Although he hated Chen Ning and wanted her to die, he knew that he still could not personally kill her.

The paper can never contain the fire.  If he personally killed her, sooner or later the news would be spread.  Even if he had never personally seen her, his marriage was decided on by the emperor, so if the emperor found out, he would not let him off.

So he could only use this method and slowly torture her to death.

“Your highness, you can’t do this.  Elder sister is already spitting up blood from her sickness, if you send her to the wooden hut, wouldn’t that be trying to take her life?”

Chen Bi Yun was filled with happiness that she almost began to laugh, but she still revealed a fake worried expression on her face.

That’s right, this king wants that cheap woman’s life!

Chu Shao Yang ruthlessly said in his mind, but he revealed a gentle look on his face.  He stroked Chen Bi Yun’s cheeks as his gaze fell onto her stomach.

“Yun’er, you should worry less about that cheap woman.  Perhaps she’ll get better after living in the wooden hut for a few days.  How have you been feeling these past few days?  Is our child still alright?”

Chen Bi Yun revealed a shy smile, “You’re highness, concubine is fine.  As for the child…….he is also fine.”

Chu Shao Yang laughed and stretched his arms out to bring her into his embrace.  Then he took large steps as he walked to the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion.

Chen Bi Yun was buried in Chu Shao Yang’s arms and finally couldn’t help laughing as well.

My good sister, you dirtied one of my skirts, so I’ll just take your life!


When Chen Bi Yun left, Xiao Ru followed behind her as she closed the door.  Turning around, she smiled at Chen Ning just like a peach blossom blooming.

“Young miss, you spitting out that mouthful of phlegm was too satisfying!  It would have been even better if you spat into the second miss’ face.”  Her voice was filled with a little regret.

Chen Ning sat up in the bed and wiped away the traces of blood at the corners of her lips.  She looked over at the window and said, “Is she gone?”

“She’s gone!”  The one who replied was Xia He.  She forcefully nodded as she laughed while covering her mouth.

“Why are you so happy?”  Chen Ning smiled and asked.

“Princess you did not see it, but once concubine Chen left our courtyard door, she immediately took off that beautiful pink skirt and threw it onto the ground.  She almost stomped on it a few times.  When she had came to our courtyard, she was proud like a phoenix, but when she left, she was just like a plucked chicken!”

Once Xia He finished speaking, the four people in the room were filled with joy.

Chen Ning only laughed for a bit before her smile faded.  She then thoughtfully looked out the window.

“Young miss, your acting was very real and you scared the second miss quite a bit.  I don’t think she’ll dare come back for a while.”  Xiao Ru said.

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