Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: Quite skilled

“Your highness, this isn’t Lan Xiang’s fault.  It is this concubine’s fault.  It is this concubine that this wrong.”

Chen Bi Yun fell to the ground from Chu Shao Yang’s embrace.

“Yun’er, what does this have to do with you?  It clearly is this servant who doesn’t know how to serve her master.  Since she doesn’t know how to serve her master, then this king will replace her with someone that does.”  Chu Shao Yang’s cold eyes looked at Lan Xiang.

Lan Xiang’s body continued shaking as she continued kowtowing on the ground, “I beg your highness for forgiveness.  It really isn’t this servant’s fault, it’s……It’s…….”  She kept secretly looking at Chen Bi Yun.

“What is it!”  Chu Shao Yang shouted once again.

“It’s because the concubine consort’s dress is dirty, so she can’t wear it.”  Lan Xiang trembled as she spoke.

“Such a good dress, how could it be dirty?  If the concubine consort’s dress is angry, don’t you know to immediately get her another one?  But a slave like you doesn’t know how work or have any dedication towards your master!”  Chu Shao Yang angrily raged on as if he was venting all the dissatisfaction in his heart on Lan Xiang.

Lan Xiang just kowtowed without daring to say a thing.

“Your highness, please calm your anger.  This matter truly is not Lan Xiang’s fault, it is this concubine’s……This concubine accidentally dirtied this beloved dress.”

Chen Bi Yun’s tears dripped down as her eyes revealed an aggrieved look.  All this instantly made Chu Shao Yang’s heart fill with doubts.

“This king remembers that this is your favourite skirt, how could you accidentally dirty it?  There must have been something that happened.  I want you to tell me clearly what happened and you’re not allowed to omit a single word!”  Chu Shao Yang’s expression sank.

“Your highness, truly nothing happened…..”

“Tell me!”  Chu Shao Yang loudly ordered.

Chen Bi Yun’s heart filled with pride as her face displayed an awkward expression.  She bit her lips and said, “It’s all this concubine’s fault.  This concubine was thinking about her sister’s injuries, so I disobeyed your highness’ orders and went to visit my sister…..”

Without even being able to finish, she was already interrupted by Chu Shao Yang’s cold voice.

“What did that cheap woman do?”  He unconsciously clenched his fist as his heart filled with anger.

“It really isn’t elder sister’s fault.  Elder sister had suffered heavy injuries and had caught a cold so she was constantly coughing.  Yun’er was worried about elder sister, so I helped her pat her back and in the end, elder sister spat out a mouthful of phlegm onto Yun’er’s dress.  Elder sister did not do it on purpose, she…..She also spat out several bowls of blood.”

If Chen Ning had heard what she said, she definitely would have given her two thumbs ups.

She had quite the skill at twisting the truth.  Not only had she placed all the fault on Chen Ning, she had also shown how much sisterly love they had and how affectionate they were.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes suddenly contracted together.

“That damn cheap woman!”  He gritted his teeth as he spoke.  His eyes were filled with a strong killing intent.

“Your highness, please don’t blame elder sister, it is all Yun’er’s fault.  If Yun’er had listened to your orders and not gone to see elder sister, nothing would have happened today.  Yun’er’s skirt getting dirty is all because of Yun’er was being careless.  Elder sister is already incredibly sick, so if you definitely cannot punish her, otherwise Yun’er’s heart will be filled with guilt for a lifetime.”  Chen Bi Yun’s hands pulled on his sleeves as she cried and begged him.

“Yun’er, let go!  This king is telling you, for a cheap woman like Chen Ning, it would be better for her to die early!  The better you are to her, the more losses you’ll suffer from her!  Humph, humph, this king thought that she would die in a few days with her injuries, but I never thought that she still would not die yet!  Good, very good!”  

As he began to think of the humiliation he suffered in the wedding hall and the ridicule that he received in morning court the day after, his heart filled with rage.

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  1. joellyanne says:

    I just cannot believed there is too much hullabaloo for just a piece of clothing don’t these stupid couple have better things to do than making too much hoopla over it!!!! Thanks for this chapter.

  2. XD says:

    Wooowww CSY is incredibly stupid. How is it possible for him to be in politics?
    ::looks at the current American president::

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    Uh oh…maybe CSY can finally see the beauty he’s been longing for…quickly run away

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    What a retard, who let this idiot anyway near the court or any government institutional? If an idiotic concubine could incite him, the country is DOOMED.

    Seriously, Male lead, lots of money… take away Chen Ning Soon~

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    Well finallyyy, It was time to get the story moving in the right direction. I don’t like how our main lady is married to that douche and actually stuck in that area

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    How psychotic of CSY to be in a rage because someone (supposedly) sick had coughed and something gross flew out ….. He would be such a despotic ruler and would probably ruin the nation with his inability to see through phoney appearances, so, i will hope and assume he will lose any chance at the throne despite being a favoured son

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