Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 120

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Chapter 120: A dog wouldn’t eat it

Chen Ning shook her head, “As long as I don’t die, she won’t give up.  With her poisonous heart, she will definitely not let us off this easily after suffering such a big loss.”

“Young miss, you mean the second miss will be back?”

Chen Ning smiled without saying anything.  Then she pointed at the box Chen Bi Yun had left behind, “Open that and take a look.  I want to see what kind of good gift my little sister has brought for me.”

Xiao Ru angrily said, “Second miss is just like a weasel.  Something that she gives is definitely something bad, it’s better if this servant just gives it to the dogs.”

“No need to feed it to the dogs yet, let’s open it and take a look first.”  Chen Ning smiled and said.

When the box opened, a blinding light shined out, dazzling their eyes.  It was actually some very beautiful jewelry.

When Xiao Ru saw this, she became even more angry.

“Young miss, this servant understands everything, second miss did this to anger you.  She said that these were all things that his highness has given her and then by giving it to you, it is clear that she is laughing at us.  Who cares about her broken jewelry!”  After finishing, she picked it up and threw it out the window.

Chen Ning smiled and shook her head, “Silly girl, if you give this to the dogs, the dogs wouldn’t want to eat this either.  If we take them to a pawnshop, we can get quite a bit of silver for this.”

“Aiyo, this servant is really dumb, why did this servant think of that?  This servant will go bring it back right now.”

Xiao Ru patted her forehead and then quickly ran outside the house to pick up as many of the pieces of jewelry as she could find.

“Young miss, you’re right.  All these things are quite good and each one will sell for quite a bit.”

She picked them up one by one and praised them as she picked them up.  She was filled with joy and the anger from before had completely disappeared.

Suddenly, Chen Ning seemed to have heard something from outside and the smile on her face froze as she pricked up her ears.

“This servant will go and take a look.”  Xia He had also heard the noise and quickly ran out.

She quickly came back with an anxious expression on her face.

“Princess consort, this is bad, it is housekeeper Xu with a group of people.  They said that since the princess is sick and they’re afraid of you infecting others, his highness has ordered for you to be confined to the wooden hut.”

“What!”  Xiao Ru’s face turned red with anger when she heard this and she clenched her fist as she shouted, “Young miss, it must because of the second miss reporting back to his highness and telling him bad things about you!”

Chun Tao also said, “The princess is not sick at all and will not infect anyone, this servant will tell them this now!”

“Wait, wait, this princess hasn’t said anything yet, so why are you all so worried?”  Chen Ning spoke in a casual voice.  Her face was very calm, not revealing any movement.

The three maids looked at her with confused expressions.

“Isn’t it just living in the wooden hut, what’s the big deal with that?  This princess feels like this place is too spacious, so I might as well live in the wooden hut for two days.  It’ll be a change of environment and a change of mood.”

When Chen Ning finished speaking, Xiao Ru angrily said, “Young miss, that little wooden shed is broken and filled with holes, there is a large difference between the two places.  It wouldn’t even be enough for a dog to live in, how could it accommodate a human!  His highness is being completely fooled, listening to whatever the second miss tells him.  You are his legally wedded princess, why do you have to sleep in a wooden hut?  Why doesn’t he make that beloved consort of his sleep in the wooden hut!”

“It’s fine if I sleep in a wooden hut.  Xiao Ru, calm yourself down.  Chun Tao, go outside to stall them for a bit.  Tell them that I am packing my things and will immediately go with them to the wooden hut.  Xia He, come over here, I have something to tell you.”

Chen Ning waved her hand and called Xia He over.  Then she whispered something into her ear.

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