Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 117

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Chapter 117: Men are like cats

“Yun’er, why are you here?”  Chu Shao Yang’s angry eyes filled with tenderness, but his voice was still very blunt.

Chen Bi Yun did not mind it and as long as she could see him, she felt satisfied.

“Your highness has not come to the Intoxicated Flower Pavillion for several days and this concubine was worried about your highness’ body, so I made a special visit.  Seeing that your highness is safe and sound, this concubine is relieved.  Your highness seems to be busy, so this concubine will not bother your highness and will leave now.”

Chen Bi Yun did not enter the door and just paid Chu Shao Yang a greeting before turning to leave.

She completely understood men’s hearts.  She knew exactly what Chu Shao Yang liked and exactly what he hated.

It was enough for her to just show her compassion once.

As expected, this one move completely restored Chu Shao Yang’s mood.

When he saw Chen Bi Yun suddenly appearing in the Peach Blossom Cove, he felt a little unhappy, but it quickly disappeared.

“You little thing, where are you going!”

The two of them were over ten feet apart, but the moment Chen Bi Yun blinked, Chu Shao Yang suddenly appeared in front of her.  She crashed right into his arms.

“Your highness!”  She let out a cry and was pulled into his embrace.

She stretched out her arms and grabbed his neck.  She was just like an orchid, completely filling Chu Shao Yang’s heart with a surging mood.

It had been a while since he had been together with her.  Holding her gentle as jade body in his hand, her body began to emit a faint sweet smell that made his blood boil.  How could he be patient?  Holding her tightly in his arms, he nibbled on her white tender ear and gave a low laugh.

“Double faced little thing, did you really come to find this king just to see me?”  His voice was very calm, but it had an oppressive that made it hard for her to move.

Chen Bi Yun sunk deeper into his chest as she said in a shy voice, “Your highness, you are really bad, you’re just teasing Yun’er.  Yun’er won’t say anything.”

They had been married for several days, but because she was pregnant and had tripped in the wedding hall, he had not been with her the entire time.

Chen Bi Yun knew that men were like cats, they would be gluttonous when stealing fish.

If she didn’t let him have a taste, then his heart would fly away.

Chu Shao Yang couldn’t help stretching his hand into her skirt.

Chen Bi Yun’s cheeks turned red with embarrassment as said in a low voice, “Your highness, not here……There are people here…….”

She still remembered that Lan Xiang was still at the side.  If this scene was seen by the maid, she would not be able to live it down.

Chu Shao Yang’s hands suddenly stopped and he knit his brows.

“Why are you wearing so little?  You’re pregnant and the doctor said that you need to avoid being cold.  Yun’er, why are you so disobedient!”

He stared at her body.  She was only wearing a single plain white robe.  Her hands were freezing, just like beautiful jade.

A thought passed through Chen Bi Yun’s mind.  This was the scenario that she wanted to happen.

She lowered her eyes and shrunk back from Chu Shao Yang’s embrace a little as she revealed a hesitant look.

“What actually happened!  Yun’er, where are your clothes?”

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes looked to the side and saw Lan Xiang standing there stunned holding a pink coloured skirt.  Seeing that it was Chen Bi Yun’s, he couldn’t help being filled with anger.

“Cheap servant, since you brought her clothes, why haven’t you helped the concubine put it on!  If Yun’er catches a cold, this king will want your life!”

Lan Xiang’s face turned white in fear.  With a “putong” sound, she kneeled down on the ground, trembling as she did not dare to say a thing.

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