Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: Everyone scram

They all had pretty faces like spring flowers blooming.  Some even dared to look straight forward with ogling looks and some had affectionate looks.

Chen Bi Yun’s eyes almost began to shoot out flames from looking at this.

This group of sluts, homewrecking foxes!

They want to obtain favour by seducing her highness……She truly wanted to scratch her nails over those faces that they thought looked good.

She watched as Chu Shao Yang looked over the group of girls.  Her heart clenched together as she held her breath.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes moved like fire as he quickly swept over the group of young girls.  His originally dark pupil began to turn darker.

Not here?!

He almost could not believe his eyes as he carefully looked over them again, but he still could not find that face that was deeply engraved in his mind.  

“Housekeeper Xu, are you certain that all the people in the palace are here?  Are there no omissions?”  Chu Shao Yang said in a deep voice that contained a hint of anger.

He was certain that young girl he had briefly seen was someone from his palace.

Because there were no outsiders in his king’s palace.  There was no way for that to happen!

“Reporting to your highness, there truly isn’t any left.  This servant was very thorough and did not miss a single person.  Who is it that your highness is looking for?  Is it one of the two maids sent to the princess’ courtyard?  One of them is called Chun Tao and the other is called Xia He.  There is also the maid the princess brought with her as well as Lan Xiang by the concubine’s side……”

Housekeeper Xu broke out in a cold sweat, but he didn’t dare wipe it.

He could not figure out what happened with his highness.  Why was he suddenly interested in the maids of the palace?

Was it because the concubine consort had made his highness unhappy?

He thought about how his highness had been staying in the Peach Blossom cove for the past few days and he couldn’t help cursing his carelessness.  His highness had stayed here for so long, so he should have sent a few gentle and beautiful maids to warm his highness’ bed.

Chu Shao Yang once again knit his brows.  Once he heard the name Chun Tao and Xia He, he subconsciously knew that the people he was looking for wasn’t them.

How could that pure and refined girl have such a rustic name!

“Everyone scram!”

He suddenly vented all his anger.

All the girls were flirting and winking at Chu Shao Yang, but with his large roar all of their beautiful faces turned pale.  Thinking about the rumours they heard in the palace, not a single dared to stay and they all quickly left.

“You scram as well!”  Chu Shao Yang also felt displeased looking at the loyal housekeeper Xu and kicked out at his butt.

This fool couldn’t even do this one small matter, what use was there keeping him here!

Housekeeper Xu quickly clutched his butt and ran away.

Chen Bi Yun’s lips could not help curling up as a smile filled her eyes.

She proudly approached the scattering crowd.

All these common girls, they were not even half as pretty as her.  How could his highness like them!

But this also gave her a wakeup call.  His highness would not suddenly call a bunch of maids for no reason.  It must be because without her by his side these past few days, he must have been feeling very lonely.

She could not help feeling lucky that she had come right on time.

“Your highness, why are you so angry?  After not seeing each other for a few days, have you been thinking of Yun’er?”

Chen Bi Yun’s hand traced the door as her red lips parted releasing a delicate voice that seemed like it was capable of pinching water together.

Chu Shao Yang knit his brows together.  It was unknown what he was thinking about, but he had no idea that Chen Bi Yun by the door.

When he suddenly heard someone talking, he suddenly looked up with eyes filled with rage, but when he was that person in front of him was Chen Bi Yun, he was a little stunned.  The anger in his eyes quickly disappeared and it was replaced with a happy and tender look.

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