Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: A group of foxes

“Lan Xiang, pick up the skirt and come with me.”

“Yes, concubine consort.”  Lan Xiang was also afraid of the phlegm on the skirt and was afraid of getting tuberculosis, but she had no choice but to follow Chen Bi Yun’s orders.  She trembled as she lifted up the skirt, being careful not to touch the dirty places and then followed behind Chen Bi Yun.

“Lan Xiang, ask around.  Find out how to get to the Peach Blossom Cove.”

Lan Xiang began to tremble as she involuntarily said, “Peach Blossom Cove?  Concubine consort, you want to go to the Peach Blossom Cove?”

“Of course.  This concubine has not seen his highness in several days and misses him.  I also want to see if his highness is also missing this concubine.”  Chen Bi Yun proudly raised her brows and pursed her lips into a smile.

It was as if she could already see the pleasantly surprised expression Chu Shao Yang would have when he saw her suddenly appear.

“But, but…..”  Lan Xiang remembered the rumours she had heard and couldn’t help hesitating.

“What are you afraid of?  The person his highness loves the most is me.  Once he sees me, he will only be happy and definitely not be angry.”  Chen Bi Yun confidently said.

Lan Xiang did not dare to say anything else.  She just asked a servant nearby for directions and then led Chen Bi Yun to the Peach Blossom Cove.

Seeing the Peach Blossom Cove’s gate from far away, Lan Xiang felt her legs go soft.  Her trembling legs did not dare to go closer.

Chen Bi Yun stared at her and scolded, “Useless thing!”

Lan Xiang lowered her head and did not dare to say anything.

Based on the fact that Chu Shao Yang usually spoiled her, Chen Bi Yun did not feel any fear.  She just raised her chin and walked forward.

When she came close, she saw the two doors with peach blossoms carved onto them were half open.  She then heard a person’s voice coming from within.  She could not help being a little surprised and stopped moving.

Her heart filled with doubts.

Didn’t that girl Lan Xiang say that his highness allowed nobody to come within a single step of the Peach Blossom Cove?

Then why was there people’s voices coming from within the courtyard?

She moved forward a gentle pace as she slowly moved closer.  She quietly approached the door and peeked in from the half opened gate.

Her eyes filled with the bright pink glow.  A large peach blossom forest was blooming and as the wind blew, flower petals floated on the wind.

Under the peach blossom forest, she immediately saw Chu Shao Yang.  He did not tie up his hair and just let it drape down.  He had a lazy look and his eyebrows were slanted, but his phoenix eyes were still filled with power.

With just a single glance, her heart began to beat fast.

“Are all the maids in the palace here right now?”  Chu Shao Yang’s clear voice slowly rang out.

“Yes your highness.  This servant has followed your orders and have called all the maids in the palace over, even the ones that just light the fires in the kitchen are here.  The one exception is……”

Standing in front of Chu Shao Yang and giving a report while bent over was an around forty year old middle aged man.  Chen Bi Yun knew who he was, he was housekeeper Xu who had been taking care of the palace for many years.  In the palace, his position was not below Mother Lin’s and he had Chu Shao Yang’s trust.

“What exception?”  Chu Shao Yang raised his brows.

“Other than the maids by the princess consort and concubine consort’s side, this servant did not dare to bother them.  If your highness still wants to give the orders, this servant will immediately bring them over.”  Housekeeper Xu respectfully replied.

“No need.”

Once Chu Shao Yang heard the word princess, a hint of displeasure flashed in his heart.

“Everyone raise your heads.”  He coldly said.

Chen Bi Yun finally saw that the courtyard was filled with maids.  There were many girls that were not yet married, each one beautiful in their own way.  There was at least forty-fifty people here.

A bad premonition appeared in her heart and her right hand unconsciously formed fist.  She did not feel any pain from her long nails digging into her palm.

“Yes, your highness.”  The young girls responded in unison.  Their voices sparkled just like a valley oriole.

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