Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: Putting on airs

This time Chen Ning did not spit out phlegm, but rather a mouthful of blood.  It fell onto the ground and was glaringly red.

“Little sister, don’t be fooled.  Elder sister has contracted tuberculosis so there is no need for your to beg his highness to send a doctor.  Even if an immortal descended to earth, they would have no way of curing my disease.”  Chen Ning finally stopped coughing and wiped the blood of her lips as she spoke with a long sigh.

Her face was pale and she was out of breath.  It seemed like she would die at any moment.

“What!  It really is tuberculosis!”  Chen Bi Yun’s eyes suddenly popped out.

“Little sister, elder sister knows you are very kind.  Once elder sister caught tuberculosis, no one dared to come visit me.  Only you cared did because you cared about our sisterly love……Ke, ke, ke!”  Chen Ning didn’t even finish speaking before she started coughing again.

Chen Bi Yun quickly moved back a few steps and used her sleeve to cover her mouth and nose.

She really hated herself at this moment.  Why did she not listen to Lan Xiang’s advice and chose to see this sick ghost with tuberculosis.  She had her skirt dirtied by having phlegm spat onto it.

She stared at the phlegm on her skirt and was suddenly filled with disgust.  With an “ou” sound, she almost threw up.

“Elder sister, little sister is feeling unwell so I won’t be staying any longer.  These are the presents that his highness has given little sister and little sister is now giving to you.  I hope that elder sister will get better soon.  Little sister will be leaving first.”

Chen Bi Yun quickly said these words and then gestured to Lan Xiang to bring over the gifts.  She quickly turned around and left with hurried steps like there was a tiger chasing behind her.

When she reached the door, she almost tripped on the threshold, but it was a good thing that Lan Xiang reached out in time.  Still, it caused her to break out in a cold sweat.

Chen Ning secretly laughed and then she added oil to the fire by saying, “Little sister, that phlegm on your skirt…….You have to wash it off, otherwise…..It is very easy to catch tuberculosis just like your elder sister……Ke, ke……”

Chen Bi Yun’s body stiffened and felt like her pink dress embroidered with peonies was covered in caterpillars.  She felt very uncomfortable wearing this and really wanted to change out of it immediately.

“It was elder sister that dirtied little sister’s dress, so how about little sister take it off and let Xiao Ru was it for you.  If you don’t mind, how about you wear one of elder sister’s dress for now?  Chen Ning then said.

“No…..No need.”  Chen Bi Yun stiffly said.  She did not even look back as she moved to the courtyard in a single breath.  Then she anxiously took off the dress and angrily threw it onto the ground.

Her heart filled with hate as she turned to look back at the run down courtyard.  The angry flames burning in her eyes was almost sent out.

Cheap person!  Damnable cheap person!

She actually dirtied her favourite skirt!

She remembered the first time she wore this pink peony skirt, Chu Shao Yang’s eyes continued to stare at her.  The flames of passion in his eyes almost melted her.

She deliberately wore this dress and wanted to show off in front of Chen Ning.  She wanted to show how well his highness treated her and anger the other side to death.

But all her planning was completely wasted.

Without even a chance to show off, Chen Ning had spat out a mouthful of phlegm onto her dress.

Chen Bi Yun was so angry that she almost gritted her teeth together.

Chen Ning, I curse you to die in a terrible manner!

She angrily made this oath in her head.  Then she began to think of Chen Ning’s weak state and how she continued to spit out blood.  Thinking that she would not live past tonight, she felt her mood increase by a bit.

Perhaps, she would get some good news tomorrow.

But…..What if this cheap girl has a strong will to live and doesn’t die?

Chen Bi Yun turned around and her eyes fell onto the pink skirt on the ground.  An idea formed in her head and she revealed a sinister smile.

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